Liberty Profiles: Jessica Davenport

Throughout the summer will sit down with a member of the Liberty to get up close and personal with your favorite players. We continue with Jessica Davenport.

NY Liberty: Why is your position the best?

Jessica Davenport: Because everything must go through the post players?

NY Liberty : When did you first know you would play in the WNBA?

Davenport : When I had good years in college.

NY Liberty : Why did you choose your number?

Davenport : It was the biggest number jersey they had in middle school?

NY Liberty : Whatís the most thrilling moment youíve experienced?

Davenport : Winning a game in the last seconds while executing a play well.

NY Liberty : Who was most influential in your basketball career?

Davenport : My parents! They sacrificed so much time and money for me to travel and play.

NY Liberty : If you could steal one skill from a teammate, what would it be?

Davenport : Loreeís quicknes!

NY Liberty : Finally, whatís the best thing about playing for the Liberty?

Davenport : Itís a great organization with great fans. And itís The Garden!