In the Holiday Spirit...For Presents

New York, NY - December 13, 2005 - The holidays are all about family, joy and sharing. For many people it's a time for gathering with loved ones. But when you get right down to it, what we really love about the holidays is the presents! There's nothing better than unwrapping a bright, shiny, new package. Unless, of course, there's something less than desirable inside. Just ask the Liberty players and coaches...

What is the best holiday present you have ever received?

Becky Hammon: The best gift I ever received was a three-wheeler. Fun, fun, fun! I named it the 'yellow belly sap sucker' because it was big and yellow. Of course I did also get a drum set one year, which definitely ranks up there.
Marianne Stanley: It's hard to pick just one, but probably one of the handmade gifts that my daughter made me when she was little.
Shameka Christon: Money!
Loree Moore: The best gift I've received was when my whole family (my mom, brother and I) were all together for the first time in a long time in 2003.

And what was the worst thing you've ever gotten?

Nick DiPillo: The worst was when my mom used to buy me clothes when I was growing up. She always seemed to find the ugliest outfits to give me. Then she would get mad when I didn't wear them.
Erin Thorn: Ronald McDonald pajamas. Enough said.
Becky Hammon: It's always horrible to receive a gift you don't really care for, or want, or know what the heck it is. And my facial expressions always fully convey my thoughts. But the worst one would be a Santa Claus pin - which looked like an older lady would have worn in 1983 on a sweater with shoulder pads and a big Christmas tree on the front. But it's the thought that counts, right?
Cathrine Kraayeveld and Loree Moore both went the politically correct route and said they have never received anything they've disliked. At least not that they're willing to admit to anyway.

But the holidays are supposed to be about giving. So what's the best present you've ever given someone else?

Becky Hammon: One of my favorites was one I gave my dad. I ordered a bass fish mailbox off the internet. Apparently I didn't read the dimensions of it too well, because when I got it in the mail, there was this huge large mouth bass, really big and really green. My family and I got a good laugh out of it, and now everyone can find my house easily because of that giant green fish.
Nick DiPillo: I think every gift I give out for Christmas is great, so it's hard to pick out just one.
Lisa White: A day at a raceway. It was the best because of the excitement it brought to my brother to be able to drive a car in excess of 150 mph.
Erin Thorn: I do multiple presents with one central theme for my friends and this year's is really good. Sorry, I'd tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you.

Admit it, not every gift you hand out is a gem. So what's the worst gift you've ever given someone?

Marianne Stanley: A multi-colored scarf/hat set.
Shameka Christon: A Christmas card. And that was it.
Becky Hammon: I take a lot of pride in my gift giving, so this one's tough. But I'd say the worst gift I gave someone was to my dad when I was in fourth grade. I bought it at school in our Christmas gift store. It was a little wooden duck - it really had no purpose. But I was really proud to give it to him. And it was the thought that counted, right? And that's about all an eight year old can afford anyway!
Cathrine Kraayeveld and Loree Moore again thought they were innocent and have never given a bad gift. But we think Lisa White summed it up best: If I ever did give a bad gift, no one ever told me about it!

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Happy Holidays from the New York Liberty!