Catch the Liberty on Saturday, May 12, Tip Off is 2PM in Madison Square Garden

Catching Up with Loree Moore

Back in New York after an off-season overseas in Turkey, Liberty guard Loree Moore is ready to hit the hardwood on Saturday in the Libertyís second pre-season game. Loree and the Liberty will face Sheryl Swoopes and the Houston Comets at 2PM in Madison Square Garden. But before she steps onto the court this weekend, is grabbing some of her time to find out what sheís been up to since we last saw her in í06 and what sheís looking forward to this year.

How was your off-season?

It was good. The first part of it was spent in New York, working with my coaches on individual skills. The second part of it was spent overseas playing in Turkey. It was my first time playing overseas and I had a great set of team-mates, including some Americans, who helped make my first experience worthwhile.

What are you looking forward to most on the court in 2007?

A healthy season. Iíve been injured before during the season and am hoping to make this one a healthier one. We have a lot of changes to this team, being more athletic and young this year. With that in mind, Iím hoping this season we can have a fresh start, make some impact and show everyone that the Liberty is back and ready to play.

Youíre on pace for steal and assist records to happen this season, which would be most important to you?

Both are important to me. Defensively as a player, steals are my first pride. One of my goals this season is to make the Defensive Team. I like knowing who Iím going up against each game and knowing itís my job to stop them.

This will be your third season in New York, what is your favorite part of playing at Madison Square Garden?

The Arena itself is my favorite part. Thereís just so much that has gone on there. The fans are my other favorite. They get your adrenaline going, they are our 6th man out there. Their support is what makes it a great place to play. Itís kind of magical, thereís so much that can happen when youíre playing at The Garden.

Which do you think is better to play in, The Garden or Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville?

Itís split for me. You gotta love The Orange. The fan support is great there, the Lady Vols are their pride and joy. And then you have New Yorkers who live and die for their team.

Speaking of Tennessee Ė youíll be seeing a familiar face (Michelle Snow) during Saturdayís match-up against Houston. Whatís it like playing against former college teammates?

Itís fun. It always feels like a reunion. You never get to really see each other during the off-season, so itís always fun to catch up with them in season. You can talk and go out after the game. Plus, you can always talk trash with them on the court. Itís always a good time.

How did you feel about this yearís Lady Vols winning the national championship?

I was very happy. I followed them through the season and even played with many of those players when I was in school, so I was excited. They deserved it and Iím glad that Pat [Summit] got another one. It should start a new chapter for them.

What have you been doing with your time off so far?

I have been feeling a little under the weather, so am taking the time I have off to rest. Once I get my energy back, Iíll probably do more team activities Ė go out with the rookies, catch a show in the city or go shopping. Iím looking forward to it.

You wonít have to wait long until you hear from Loree again. Spend some more time with her and the 2007 Liberty this summer in Madison Square Garden. Liberty season ticket plans are available by calling (212) 465-6073 and individual game tickets can be purchased at, the Garden Box Office or by calling 877-WNBA-TIX.