A New York Minute With ... Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell will come to the Big Apple in a matter of months as the Liberty opens its 14th Training Camp. Powell brings with her WNBA All-Star status, a championship ring and an inspiring competitive spirit.

She finished her sixth season as a professional ranked as the WNBA’s No. 1 free throw shooter (.979), one of the league’s top 10 leading scorers and one of the top 20 three-point shooters (.363).

Powell's game has been on the rise with each passing summer, and could be the spark to get New York back to winning form in 2010. Get to know the newest member of the squad in a New York minute.

I first started playing basketball with my parents at our neighborhood park.
I first knew I could make it to the WNBA when pro coaches began scouting me in college.
The celebrity I’d be star struck over is President Obama.
My first job was as an assistant tennis coach.
My dream job is to be a rock star.
My first car was a Ford Explorer.
The athlete I admired most when I was younger was Michael Jordan.
My favorite movie is Love Actually.
My favorite sports movie is For Love of the Game.
My favorite TV show is The Office.
My favorite actor is Peter Griffin.
My favorite actress is Pam Grier.
Post-career, I’d like to be injury-free.
Don’t ever call me to help you move.
My favorite WNBA city to visit is Phoenix.
My favorite arena to play in is Madison Square Garden.
The most interesting thing about me that people might not know is that I have a harmonica; a gift from my friend Kristen Newlin.
One item I am never without is chapstick.
My cell phone bill is too high.
My favorite snack is popcorn.
The one place in the world I’d like to visit, but haven’t yet is Greece.
The best part of college was meeting all kinds of people with different backgrounds.

Season tickets for the Liberty's ride through the 2010 WNBA season at Madison Square Garden are on sale now by calling (212) 465-6766. The summer tips off on Sunday, May 16 at 4 p.m. versus WNBA All-Star Sylvia Fowles and the Chicago Sky at The Garden.