Plenetteís Mid Season Report

Ros Gold-Onwude

Plenette Pierson evaluates her play and measures where the team is at and where they hope to go.

How are you finding more success on the court?
Iím just being more aggressive. Iím also more comfortable with the different combinations of players being thrown out there. Weíve constantly had to adjust. How do you like to set up your shot?
I get my shot by aggressively setting screens so that Iím open. Then as I come off of setting the screen Iím opened up with options. It gets easier to take that jumper or to go to the basket.

Youíve played well when coming off the bench and when starting, which do you prefer?
I wasnít 100% happy about coming off of the bench. Every athlete wants to strive to be part of that starting five. I feel like Iíve earned that starting position. But itís not about the name on the back of the jersey its about the name on the front. Bill felt that there was a point in time where I could help the team more coming off of the bench. Itís about what the team needs. I can bring energy and teach coming off the bench or starting.

In what ways has the team recovered or not recovered from the loss of Essence Carson?
E was a big part of our success on the court with scoring, rebounds and defense. Weíre still working to find different combinations of people each night to fill her shoes by committee. Off of the court we feel connected to her. E has been great about her injury. Weíre constantly talking to her. Sheís always sending a group text message to all of us to make us laugh or to encourage us. She stays close to us.

Did the loss of Cheryl Ford have a similar effect?
Yes definitely. We prepared for her and we were building around who we had. Now players with less experience are in positions they werenít expecting or arenít yet prepared for. Itís a good opportunity but there are a lot of frustrating moments.

Have the Liberty figured out their identity yet?
NoÖ we donít yet know who we are but a couple of us know who we want to be.

How do you help bring younger players along?
Toni Young reminds me of myself in that she came to the league thinking she was a post until she arrived and realized she is undersized. Now she has to jump to the three position and change her identity. When I was a younger player Bill moved me to the three. It is a frustrating transition but it can be done. And Toni is even faster and more athletic than most guards. It will come and we talk periodically.