On the Way to Labor Day

With the completion of the regular season, the Liberty is set to play in the 2002 WNBA Playoffs. After clinching the top spot in the Eastern Conference with their win over Washington last week, the Liberty begin their drive to Play All the Way to Labor Day.

Post Season play means different things to each and everybody on the team. Read some thoughts on the Playoffs from your favorite Liberty players and coaches.

Teresa Weatherspoon
"The Playoffs. At this point, its not about skill, in the playoffs, everybody can play. It's all about the team. It's all about the heart. It's all about the will to win."

Tamika Whitmore
"The Playoffs mean everything to me. It is everything. I have never won a Championship, so I am playing for the ultimate win, I want that final victory. I want to know what it feels like."

Crystal Robinson
"There is only one word to describe the Playoffs. Intense."

Vickie Johnson
"This is what the season is all about. This is why you play. Its why you go out there and sweat hard during double session practices, why you give it everything. We met our goal of getting the No. 1 seed, and now we want it all. We want to take full advantage of this opportunity. Its time to seize the moment and try to take this team all the way to Labor Day."

Tari Phillips
"There is no other time - everybody comes to play, and they play hard. To the Playoffs, you have to bring better than your best game, and then you have to play even better."

Sue Wicks
"These girls work hard all year and every night we get huge support from our fans. But right now, this is the time. We just want to go out there and do what we know we can. We have peaked at the right time, we know each other as a team on and off the court, we trust each other as teammates and as friends, and we want to do this together."

Becky Hammon
"This is a whole new game now. The Playoffs give everybody a completely clean slate. We have to start as if this is a whole new season and we are going to fight from the very first ball. We want to keep the momentum we had from the second half of the season, and take it to the next level."

Linda Frohlich
"We have a great group of players - veterans who can lead us into the playoffs, players who have been there before. I couldn't have asked for a better first season in the League. To go into the playoffs in my rookie year is amazing."

Korie Hlede
"The Playoffs make everything worthwhile. All season long, this is what you work for, this is right where you want to be."

Camille Cooper
"This is like a huge final exam. You study and work all year and then you cram for hours. We have done everything we had to do, got the Number 1 spot in the East, now we just goo in and take the test."

Head Coach Richie Adubato
"This is what every athlete plays for. At every level, the post season, the Championship - its the whole reason to compete. Now it is up to us to go out there and do what we set out to do on the first day of training camp."

Assistant Coach Pat Coyle
"This is when you earn your paycheck. This is what it's all about. It does not get any better than this."