May 17, 2005: Pat Coyle Chat Transcript

New York's Pat Coyle.
NBAE/Getty Images

Pat Coyle was in her sixth year as a New York Liberty assistant coach when she was named interim head coach on July 3, 2004. After taking the helm, she led the team to an 11-7 record to finish the regular season with an overall record of 18-16, earning the team's sixth playoff appearance.

On December 8, 2004, Coyle's distinguished service to the Liberty organization was acknowledged when she was named the third head coach in franchise history. Heading into the 2005 season, Coyle looks to lead the Liberty back to the WNBA Finals.

The 20-year coaching veteran chatted live with fans on May 17. Check out the complete chat transcript below:

Tricia (Manhattan): I know last year there were some injuries - is everyone healthy this year?

Pat Coyle: Yes, knock wood. Except Loree Moore is having a knee issue at the moment, which we are taking care of. But everyone else is healthy.

Pressure D, Norfolk, VA: Coach, How is Monique Coker doing thus far. I watched her for 4 years at ODU. She is a Bronx homer, what are her chances of making the cut.

Pat Coyle: We brought her in as a free agent and she's done some things well for us, but she is still adjusting to what we're trying to do. She is doing okay in camp.

Jessie (Brooklyn): Coach Coyle: how much of an impact do you think Loree Moore will have on the team?

Pat Coyle: I think Loree is a terrific point guard. Once she adjusts to the pro game and what we're doing, she's gonna have a big career ahead of her.

Martha (New Brunswick): What is the most important skill/value you learned from Richie Adubato?

Pat Coyle: I would have to say, adjusting to the pro game. He had 20 years of experience at the pro level and when I came in, I came from college. So he really helped me with the whole mentality of coaching the pro game.

Lauren (Princeton): Hi Coach Coyle. I have been a big fan since the team's first year. You've been on the coaching staff for several years now - how has the league changed during that time?

Pat Coyle: I think the talent level and the athletic ability of the players coming in has really increased. We have very athletic players now, who might not make a roster, because that talent level has really increased over the years.

Kayt (Astoria): I read that a lot of your players went overseas during the off-season to you think that helps or hurts them for the WNBA season? Good luck this year, bring home a championship!

Pat Coyle: Thank you. I think it's great for the players, especially the younger players, to develop their skills overseas. Going overseas and living in a foreign environment really helps you grow, as a person and as a player. I think that's a great thing.

Rachel (Jersey City): Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions that you follow? Any lucky item?

Pat Coyle: Ha-ha (Laughing) Nah, I'm not very superstitious. The one thing I don't do, is I never put my shoes or sneakers on the bed on game day. That is just bad luck!

Brad (Greenwich): What is your favorite hobby or pastime outside of Basketball? What do you do on your free time?

Pat Coyle: I like to read. I really enjoying reading in the offseason. Actually, going to the beach and reading, where it's quite and I can just relax with a good book.

Erin (NYC): Coach, is it hard cutting players?

Pat Coyle: It's really difficult, it's probably the hardest part of this job. We have players who are talented and skilled and so that is very hard.

Meka_Fan_NYC: Hey Pat, is there any chance that Amisha Carter can make this team? I believe she can be our Cheryl Ford (sorta), she's a great rebounder but needs work on offense (she can score though).

Pat Coyle: That's a pretty good assessment. She has survived this far, but we'll see on Friday if she has made this team or not. But she has been good in camp.

Natalie (Hartford): What accomplishment are you most proud of in your coaching/playing career?

Pat Coyle: As far as a player, winning a national championship with Rutgers in 1982. As a coach, I would say overcoming the adversity of last summer and pulling it all together and reaching the Eastern Finals. That was a great team accomplishment for us.

Steph (Queens): Hello, Who do you feel is your toughest opponent this year? In the Eastern/Western conferences...

Pat Coyle: The whole Eastern Conference. There aren't any cupcakes in this league anymore. In either conference. Every team is difficult and presents different challenges.

Mary (NJ): Hi Pat! Do you feel the Liberty will have a better chance at winnng a championship based on experience playing together compared to many of the other teams who have have gone through so many player changes during this offseason? Good luck this season.

Pat Coyle: Any time you can keep a group of core players together, it increases your chances of winning. We have a great mix of veterans and good young players and I like our chances.

Lou - Clinton, NJ: How do see us matching up this year at the low post where we struggled a bit last year?

Pat Coyle: I think we struggled there because of injuries. The flip side is, we had some young players benefit from added minutes in the lowpost. So I think we are more than ready to compete at that spot this year.

Rochester: What is the biggest concern of going into this season? Can the liberty have a tremendous season if everybody can contribute?

Pat Coyle: I think the questions we had, was we had to fortify our bench, and I think we did that, through free agency and the draft. If we stay healthy and play together our chances are good. Our chances are very good.

Pat Coyle: I'd like to thank everyone for their questions, and I hope to see all you fans on May 22 at 4 pm ET when we host the Detroit Shock in our opener.