Off-Season Check Up with Cathrine Kraayeveld

I have been in Belgium now since October 16. It is going well and I am really enjoying playing with my teammates. We have many of the same players from last year, so that is a plus when it comes to building team chemistry. Since its my second year with the same team, it makes everything a little easier.

We have played in a few Belgium league games, which we have won handily. Our first Euroleague game is on the 8th against Valenciennes. Should be a good one! I think we will play well.

No complaints here, things are well and I am enjoying my time here so far. I have not had enough time yet to really go anywhere, such as Brussels, but I hope to be able to go to a couple of different places while I am here. I was able to go to Paris last year and I would love to do that again. I guess I will just have to wait and see what my schedule holds.

Thanks to all the fans who sent in their questions, here are my answers.

- Cat

During the off-season what type of conditioning do you do to prepare for the season?
I do a lot of foot quickness type of exercises. The workouts I do are a complete body workout, so it pretty much kicks my butt, but I always feel like I get such a good workout from it. Itís hard to explain in detail because the workout consists of so many different exercises.

What are the most interesting parts of playing overseas? Do you have any plans for trips to other countries in Europe that aren't team-related?
I enjoy the different style of play that Europe offers. I would love to travel around while I am overseas to see the country and what it holds.

What made you to decide to play basketball? What other sports are you interested in?
From what I remember, I was always involved with basketball on a more consistent basis than any other sport. I always loved playing and grew to appreciate it. I love watching football on TV, I also really enjoyed track when I was involved in it throughout middle and high school.

Is it difficult to socialize with some of the other players after a game, if for instance they received very little playing time? What are your thoughts on interteam competition?
No, its not difficult, we all get along very well and I think we all understand our roles and that itís about the team getting better on a consistent basis. I think we are a very competitive team and love getting after each other on the court.

Who are your favorite teammates (on and off the court), and why? Did you guys do anything special this year before the season started, and/or at the end before everyone went home and got ready to go overseas?
I get along with everyone. I did not get a chance to spend a significant amount of time with any of my teammates before or after the season.

Have you ever considered letting your first name buy a vowel from your last name?
Haha. Good question, I have to say I would not change it though, I like how it is different from the norm.

What's your favorite thing to do when youíre not on the court? Were you by any chance a dancer at some point when you were younger?
I love to just relax and just enjoy the time I have off, hang out with family and friends, listen to music. I am flattered that anyone would think that I was a dancer, but I have to say no, I was not.

Which part of NYC do you live in during the season?
I live outside of Manhattan.

Growing up with a dad who is a professional athlete, has that helped you to understand how life would be as a professional athlete?
He has given me a lot of good advice, how it was for him to be involved with football. I think anyone can tell you how their experience was, but until you live it for yourself you do not truly get a picture of what to expect.

What was it like to play basketball for the University of Oregon, a NCAA Division l powerhouse and what was it like to live in the state of Oregon? When I think of Oregon, I think of tranquil and being at peace.
I loved being at Oregon. I think itís a great school and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to play there for the years when I was there. You cannot replace Mac Court, itís a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in an arena such as the PIT. Oregon is a beautiful state, I love the Northwest. Would not want to live anywhere else, and yes, itís a beautiful campus.

What are your plans for this coming season? Any plans yet??
I am currently playing overseas in Belgium. I will be here for about four months and then I will return home to take some time off before I start working out again before heading back to NY.

Where do you live off season, and how do you adjust to life in New York City?
I live outside of the Seattle area. I love being in New York for the summer, but would never want to live there year-round, too crazy for me. I enjoy the city when I go, but I think it can quickly become overwhelming.

Did you play any other sports growing up?
I played soccer and track throughout middle school and high school. I played a little soccer when I was young and also played baseball, with the boys.

How tall were you in 9th grade? Did u grow at all after 9th grade? Did you play varsity basketball?
I was six foot. Yes I did play varsity ball and I grew a few more inches throughout high school but I stopped growing my junior year, I think.

Did you have to practice all of the time to be a great player?
Yes, I have spent a lot of time on my own working out to become better and to continuously improve. You always have to work to get better.

Did u have a personal trainer when you were in high school?
I was fortunate enough to have met a guy who until this day, I still workout with in the off-season to improve on my basketball skills.

Do you have any routines before a game starts?
Not really, I am kind of boring like that.

Which stores do you shop in?
I like Buckle, Tall Girl, any athletic store... to name a few.

I'm curious, when you were in your teens, did you have a favorite WNBA team?
Honestly I did not really follow the WNBA when it first started up. I got interested in it when I was in college and started to realize that I wanted to continue on after to college to play basketball.

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