National Girls & Women In Sports Day

The 24th Annual celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day is on February 3rd. The Day is devoted to recognizing the progress of girls and women in sports, and the benefits that sports and fitness activities can bring to the lives of all girls and women. checked in with a few players to discuss how sports played a significant role in their lives at an early age and their motivation to stick with that newfound passion.

What was the first sport you ever played?


 I started playing tee-ball, gymnastics and basketball at about the same time.


How old were you?

 I was six years old.

 I was four years old.

 I was 13 years old.

Did someone or something influence your decision to play?

 My father, cousins & friends.

 I have two older brothers; so I was basically born at the ballpark!

 My brother. I wanted to play whatever he played, including football, but they would not put me on the team.

What motivated you to continue to compete, practice?

 I was better than most boys at an early age.

 I was a very active child and LOVED sports! I was good at them, too.

 I wanted to prove someone wrong, because they said I was raw meat and I would never make it as a basketball player.

What kind of role did sports play in your youth?

 Sports played a huge role in my life. It kept me busy & out of trouble!

 Sports kept me busy for sure. Sports have also taught me soooo much about life balance, time management, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, goal setting ... the list could go on forever!

 Sports was an outlet. They kept me busy, focused and motivated.

What advice would you offer young girls who are hesitant to play a sport?

 I would advise young girls who are hesitant to participate and see how they like the sport, regardless of their talent level. At some point we all weren't as good as we are now. But with hard work, determination & heart, sports will take you a long way.

 Try it out and have fun! No matter what anyone says, you can do anything you set your mind to. Believe it!

 It is normal to be hesitant, I was, but give sports a try. You never know what it will do for you. You never know what doors sports will open for you. When I first started, I never knew or thought that I would reach the highest level; yet here I am. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this opportunity. I just went for it. So I think any young girl should just go for it. I always believe in the saying "At least I gave it a try," rather than "I regret that I didn't even attempt it."

How will you celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day? Log onto the official website for the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport for a list of events and activities.