Moore Leaves U.S. National Team, Heads To Rehabilitation For Knee

Liberty guard Loree Moore has returned to New York to begin rehabilitation for a knee aggravation that kept her sidelined during the final stretch of the U.S. women’s Select Team’s route through the 2007 FIBA World League Tournament and the start of the U.S. women’s national team’s College Tour.

Although it was tough for Moore to leave the U.S. squad behind, she fully enjoyed her experience playing amongst the greats of the women’s game. Upon her return to The Big Apple, Moore checked in with to let her fans and team-mates know how much she enjoyed her time on the U.S. national team roster:

"I have been having problems with my knee, and I haven't really been able to play since I went with the team to Russia. I have been out for a while now (since October 24th).

The experience in itself was truly amazing and something I will never forget. The women on this trip were a pleasure to be around and it was a honor to see how they prepare and get themselves ready for battle, so to say.

I loved the whole thing, even though I couldn't really play with everyone, like how I wanted to. However, just to be a part of the team, getting to know everyone and to be there supporting and cheering them on, was an experience in itself.

I had an opportunity to see a lot from the sidelines, and gained more knowledge by being around the coaching staff, as well as the players. But I am glad that I did have the opportunity to be able to be there and be a part of the whole experience. It was a lot of fun and I will take a lot from it. I will never forget. It will definitely help me along the way during my career, and help in my approach to continue to get better by pushing myself to never settle for where I am at. My goal is to always improve and learn more about the game.

They all were AWESOME, even the coaching staff and everyone on board with the team. I want to tell the team and the staff that even though I am no longer with you, I MISS YOU ALL and it truly was a PLEASURE. Thanks for being supportive and being there for me, even though I was on the sidelines. I truly appreciate it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I also want to say thank you to the committee for giving me the opportunity to be on these tours. Even though I wasn't able to perform how I wanted to, I will get healthier and stronger to hopefully be ready the next time around that I am called upon."

– Loree

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