Let's Talk Love

All you need is love. It's a line that can go a long way.

And when you're in sports, the more love you have, the better you are. This Valentine's Day, instead of hosting a love-y, gush-y (dare we say, cheese-y?) Q&A, NYLiberty.com is cutting to the chase.

Let's talk about love, everyone.

 Head Coach, Anne Donovan

What do you love about ... 
Basketball? The battle.
Playing in The Garden? The history drips from the banners!!!
The WNBA? Only in the Olympics and WNBA do you have the best basketball players in the world!
Your family? Our strength.
Your hometown? Ridgewood, NJ is where the best family and hoop memories begin.
Your pet? Romeo is independent & doesn't take bribes ;)
Summer? The Liberty are going to work!

 Forward, Shameka Christon

What do you love about ... 
Basketball? Everything.
Playing basketball for a living? Because I'm getting paid to do what I love. Not a lot of people can say that. I literally love my job.
Being a professional athlete? The perks.
Playing in The Garden? The fans, the atmosphere.
The WNBA? It's the best league in the world to play in.
Your position? Because I can play inside or outside.
Your team-mates? Everything about them, they are my family away from family.
Your birthday? Everything, except that I get one present for both my birthday and Valentine's Day.
Your family? All the love and support they give me, no matter what.
Your hometown? It's a place I can get away to and just rest.
Your best friend? She's always understanding and supportive.
Your alma mater? It's the place where my career started.
Your pet? They love me, no matter what and I can't have a bad day around them. They make me laugh and smile.
Your favorite book? The characters, they remind me so much of my friends, so I can relate. There's a lot of drama!
Your favorite movie? The message behind it.
Summer? It's warm, I like the sun.
Winter? I don't love anything about winter.
Fall? The colors of the leaves changing, falling and the cool breeze.
Spring? The blooming of the flowers, even though I'm allergic to it.
Yourself? What's not to love?

 Forward Erlana Larkins

What do you love about ...
Basketball? It gives me an outlet.
Playing basketball for a living? Income and perks.
Being a professional athlete? Satisfaction of knowing that all the hard work over the years has paid off, as well as being able to impact those who look up to you.
Playing in The Garden? Being able to say I played in a historic place.
The WNBA? That I was given an opportunity that wasn't here decades ago.
Your position? Banging with the best.
Your team-mates? It's like a sorority of people who share similar ideals, morals, character and it gives you a family away from home.
Your birthday? Being blessed to see another year.
Your family? They're always there and are supportive.
Your hometown? I can go back there and people are happy to see that I made it.
Your best friend(s)? They're good listeners, fun to be around, loving, caring and most importantly trustworthy.
Your alma mater? It's one of the best academic and athletic institutions, and I'm proud to have attended.
Your pet? (Either current or from growing up) He's like a friend.
Summer? Hot weather and beaches.
Winter? NOTHING.
Fall? Watching the change of seasons and enjoying another part of the world.
Spring? It's the season I was born.
Yourself? I love EVERYTHING about me, inside and out.

 Guard, Sidney Spencer 

What do you love about ...
Basketball? The competition and winning.
Playing basketball for a living? That I am living a dream.
Being a professional athlete? I get to stay in shape =)
Playing in The Garden? I will always be apart of its rich history.
The WNBA? It has afforded me opportunities that were not always there for women in sports.
Your team-mates? On the court, their competitivenss and off the court, their relaxed, laid-back personalities. 
Your birthday? Yellow cake with chocolate icing AND my mom there to celebrate!
Your family? The unity we have.
Your hometown?  Free parking.
Your best friend? Honesty.
Your alma mater? The tradition.
Your pet? Unconditional love.
Your favorite book? It's so easy to relate to and teaches me about myself!
Your favorite movie? The ending, because it's usually happy and everything works out.
Summer? The beach.
Winter? Christmas vacation!
Fall?  Football season.
Spring?  Warm weather and flowers.
Yourself? I can easily adapt and I have the greatest family in the world!

 Center, Janel McCarville

What do you love about ...
Basketball? It's a great escape for me.
Playing basketball for a living? I get to travel and see so many things.
Being a professional athlete? Personal membership to a great gym.
Playing in The Garden? Only a certain few can do it.
The WNBA? I get to be with my friends on a daily basis.
Your team-mates? Great group of women, get to go to work with people I love everyday.
Your birthday? Don't love that I'm gettin' older, LOL.
Your family? EVERYTHING. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
Your hometown? Home is where your heart is!
Your best friend?  I have a couple and they mean the world to me.
Your alma mater? M. I. N. N. E. S. O. T. A. helped make me who I am.
Your pet? Loki, my minpin, loves me win lose or draw!
Your favorite book?  I love that it takes me back to my childhood.
Your favorite movie? I can slip away into it for a couple hours.
Summer? Love lighting bugs, summer evening, cool nights.
Winter? Snow angels, snow men, and the first heavy snow.
Fall? The colors in the trees.
Spring? The first rain.
Yourself? Gotta love me, if you don't love yourself, who will?

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