Athletes, Celebs Excited For Great Outdoors

With the Liberty Outdoor Classic just days away on July 19, the buzz for this monumental event keeps building and building. Here is the latest on what some athletes and celebrities who stopped by The Garden to watch the Liberty battle this summer, are saying about this historic occasion ...

Ron Artest, Sacramento Kings
ďThatís going to be off the chains. Obviously you canít play everyday, because youíve got to preserve your knees, but they should do that in the NBA. Playing outside, thatís a dream right there. That would be a dream. Youíve got to give a lot of credit and props to the commisioner of the WNBA, Donna Orender for letting it happen. Itís going to be unbelievable.Ē

Wilson Chandler, New York Knicks
ďItís the first time anything like this has ever happened, so itís really a big deal. Especially being in New York, a big street ball city with Rucker Park and West Fourth Street, itís going to be a lot of fun to see that translate to pro ball. I think its going to be really cool.Ē

Mardy Collins, New York Knicks
ďItís going to be good not only for the league, but for professional basketball itself. Itís something different. Itís good to switch the routine up, and to do something like this like hockey has done, I think itís going to do a lot for basketball and be good for the league."

Kym Hampton, New York Liberty Legend
ďThis whole thing is just Ė wow! Anytime you do anything that is the first time, I think it is historic. You are a pioneer of it, and the originator. Iím just glad its happening in New York, because itís an incredible market with fantastic fans who will appreciate how special that day is going to be. Itís going to be awesome, and hopefully it will take the Liberty and the WNBA to the next level.Ē

Nate Robinson, New York Knicks
ďWith the history of Mr. Ashe and Billie Jean King, itís going to be a very historic and important event. To have that first game outside, that's pretty hot! I'm excited. Itís going to be like a Rucker game, so itís going to be really exciting. Thereís going to be a lot of people there. It should have a great turnout, and there will be a lot of happy faces. Itís going to be a beautiful day.Ē

C. Vivian Stringer, Rutgers University Womenís Head Basketball Coach and Hall of Famer
ďI think itís going to be great. Tammy Sutton Brown (for Indiana) is going to be there, and Essence (Carson) of course will be there, so that meanís Iíll be there too! But I think itís great to experiment with different venues and to expose everyone to the opportunity to play in a first class situation. Those are the things I paid attention to right away.Ē

Corey Webster, New York Giants
ďThat sounds like itís going to be crazy. Theyíre going to bring back some street ball, like how it all started. I think thatís going to be real big.Ē

Sue Wicks, New York Liberty Legend
ďIím so excited about it. Anytime they play in a venue like that, like when we played at Radio City Music Hall, itís so exciting, and Iím sure its going to be so exciting for the players and fans. When I played Europe we played occasionally outdoors, but this is really the first in the American game, and to play in a place like Arthur Ashe Stadium with itís history, itís amazing. I canít wait.Ē

Marcus Williams, New Jersey Nets
ďIt sounds like itís going to be fun. Itís something that will be new to the game, so maybe if it goes well and thereís a good attendance, then maybe theyíll do it in the NBA.Ē

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