Libs Share Super Bowl XLII Picks

The Super Bowl is one of, if not the biggest, sporting event in the country. Whether you're in it for the action, commercials, half-time shows, monster food spreads or the love of entertainment – everyone is game. And the Liberty is joining in on the fun. Afterall, we know what it's like to be in a big time game situation.

In anticipation of Super Bowl XLII, checked in with some of our players and coaches to find out their pigskin picks. Check it out!

Jessica Davenport

Pick: Patriots

Why: I think it will be a hard fought game. I am keeping my fingers crossed that New York will win, but my gut is telling me that the Pats will win (like they have all season) by a small margin. They are 18-0, so I think they have so much pride already to not lose, and will make history. That will keep them hungry to win.

Nick DiPillo
Assistant Coach

Pick: Giants

Why: I like the Giants 31-28 with Tynes hitting a field goal late in the 4th to give them the win. They're 10-1 away from Giants Stadium, they're peaking at just the right time and they really seem to thrive in the role of being underdogs. Go Big Blue!!

Ashley Battle

Pick: Giants

Why: I know the pressures of going undefeated (in college) and having everyone love to hate you. I think the same is being said about Bill Belichick and his team. Coach Coughlin's team has been playing possessed, going on the road and winning three playoff games in a row, which hasn't been done, well, since my STEELERS won the Super Bowl XL. So with all this being said, I would like to wish a good luck to (drum roll please) the GIANTS. Bring one home to the BIG APPLE! Plus, I don't think two brothers (Eli & Peyton) have won the Super Bowl two years in a row, so that would be cool.

Bruce Hamburger
Assistant Coach

Pick: Giants

Why: I'm a life-long fan, it has to be the Giants. No further explanation needed.

Tiffany Jackson

Pick: Patriots

Why: Sorry, New York! I think that New England is too strong. I think they have been in the situation before and know what to expect and will know how to handle themselves.

Pat Coyle
Head Coach

Pick: Giants

Why : Even though I'm an Eagles fan, I want the home team (Giants) to beat up on the Patriots. I guess you could say that the Giants are my second favorite team. What they have done the past couple of weeks is nothing short of amazing. My hat goes off to the players and coaches for what they have done for the New York-area.