Liberty Predictions for Upcoming TV Show Finales

You’ve seen them go to battle on the court, but how do they stack up when it comes to time spent on the living room couch? With the television season nearing a close in the coming weeks, checked in with some of the Liberty players and staff to find out their season finale predictions for some of today’s hottest shows.



Forward Barbara Farris says

I predict that Hiro will “save the cheerleader,” who will also “save the world” and somehow through all the chaos, some new super villain will be created.

Why Barbara likes this show

I love the science fiction/super hero aspect of the show. It’s interesting without being too nerdy.

Forward Ashley Battle says

I predict that when they go back to normal time, Hiro will kill Sylar, but Peter will still explode. Nathan will not become President, and they have to go back to save the artist.

Why Ashley likes this show

Because it’s similar to X-Men, but with a twist. And when they had Stan Lee on the show it was really cool. I also always wanted to have super powers growing up.

Manager Scouting and Video Operations Catherine Proto says

I predict that the heroes will come together and find a way to stop Sylar. Peter will realize that in order to keep New York from exploding, he and Hiro will have to kill Sylar.

Why Catherine likes this show

The show has constant action and changing story lines. Once you think you know what is going to happen, you soon enough realize that you really have no idea. It’s really great for all those secret comic book junkies.



Forward Shameka Christon says

I just don’t know what will happen now. I am very curious as to how Jack is going to get away from the Chinese.

Why Shameka likes this show

This show always keeps you guessing – when you think you have it figured out, there’s a twist. I find it very interesting.

Head Coach Patty Coyle says

Best drama show on television, period.

Why Coach likes this show

You sit on the edge of your seat from start to finish, not knowing what will happen next.



Guard Erin Thorn says

I just want to know why Juliette is in camp! Hopefully Sun’s baby will be okay and they both live.

Why Erin likes this show

I got pulled in early and need to know what happens in the end. I need to know what this island is all about!



Forward Ashley Battle says

I predict Addison will leave, because she is getting her own spin-off show. Izzy and George will get together. Meredith and Derrick will break-up. Christina and Burke will not be getting married because I don’t think he will be coming back next season.

Why Ashley likes this show

I have three words for you: McDreamy and McSteamy.




Center Jessica Davenport says

I predict that Melinda will win because she has the strongest voice.

Why Jessica likes this show

I like to watch shows that relate to music.

Guard Erin Thorn says

I predict that the final two will be Jordin and Melinda. If that is the case, I don’t care who wins! Right now, I rooting for the both of them.

Why Erin likes this show

Because Sanjaya is finally gone!



Forward Tiffany Jackson says

I predict that Saaphyri will win it all on Charm School.

Why Tiffany likes this show

There is so much drama and it’s so unpredictable.




Forward Barbara Farris says

I predict that Vanessa Williams’ character will temporarily convince Betty to start believing that beauty is all about the outside. As a result, she will become Evil Betty for a while. Then she will come back to the good side.

Why Barbara likes this show

I love the idea of telling people that beauty is so much more than the stuff on the outside. Sincere, honest and genuine people have always been beautiful to me.


Even though your favorite shows will be taking a break this summer, the good news is that your favorite players will not be! So come catch a game at Madison Square. The regular season tips off on Sunday, May 20 when the Liberty will host the Chicago Sky at 4PM.

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