Liberty Life with Laimbeer

With training camp just a few days away, head coach and general manager Bill Laimbeer will give fans a closer look at how the Liberty are preparing for their 17th season. From Draft night to training camp to establishing their identity under a new head coach, the pieces are coming together to build a Champion in New York.

In the draft I think we addressed some of our weaknesses, even after our free agent signings. Kelsey Bone will add depth to our “bigs,” Toni Young adds to our athleticism and philosophy of players that can play at least two positions. Kamiko Williams is an intriguing player who should learn well from veterans like Katie Smith. We are very excited about this draft class. We were able to select every player we targeted and I think they are all excited to play for the New York Liberty.

Once our picks were known, we as a staff embarked on designing our offensive structure to attack with the personnel we have. We then moved on to designing defensive schemes and drills that we will utilize during training camp which begins in a few days. It’s important that we set the tone right away as to the type of team we want to be and the level of intensity we are looking for in training camp. The coaching staff meets every day for multiple hours, discussing not only personnel but how we can take advantage of individual skills.

Defensively, we want to use our physical strength and athleticism to play a smothering, aggressive defense with the emphasis on ... NO SECOND SHOTS! We have built a team that is big and strong at all positions with defense in mind.

Offensively, we want to attack the shot clock from start to finish ... no more WALKING the ball up the floor for the New York Liberty. We won’t be “chuckers” but we will attack, probe the defense and setup if necessary.

We have communicated to our players the style we want to play and they are all for it. I know I’m not alone when I say this but we are all very excited to kick things off and hit the ground running. We are going to play an electrifying brand of basketball and I think the pieces are there. New York Liberty fans will be pleased by what they see on the court this season.