Liberty & Kiswe Mobile Trial

This Friday, Liberty fans have a unique opportunity to watch the Liberty@Mystics game in a new interactive mobile app. This is done in a partnership with the Mystics and Kiswe Mobile, the company that developed the app.

In order to use the app, you need the following:
Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) with iOS version 7.0 or later.
Have access to high speed wifi or 4G cellular. Beware the app is data intensive and will use your data plan if you are on cellular.
Download the "Mystics Live app" from the Apple store at: HERE
Go to the iOS settings and scroll down to "Mystics Live" and switch on "Enable Manual Sign in".
Launch the app (or relaunch in case you already launched it).
The app will ask you for username and password. Use username "liberty" and password "liberty".
The app should now display a "Liberty@Mystics" screen with the time of the game (7pm on Friday). At game time a "live play" button will appear to launch the video.

The app will show live interactive video from the game. It has the following features:
Ability to choose your own camera angle: To change camera, touch the screen and then use one of the lower right buttons. One of the screens is a mix screens of all six cameras from which you can touch and pick any camera. One of the views is the traditional broadcast feed and the other five are individual cameras (wide, tight follow, left basket, right basket, and corner).
Pause and replay: On the bottom right, you have controls to pause and rewind. Each time you touch rewind, the game will jump back 5 seconds for a max of 60 seconds behind the live game. You can touch "go live" to jump back to the live game. A blue visual bar will indicate how far you are behind the live game.
Team stats: By touching the scoreboard, you can get get real time statistics on both teams.

We are looking forward to your feedback.If you have any problems installing or using the app, please contact