Cathrine Kraayeveld Chat Wrap

All season long, Tuesdays means WNBA action on ESPN2. This Tuesday, June 12, the Washington Mystics travel to New York to take on the Liberty at 7 p.m. ET.

Forward Cathrine Kraayeveld has been one of the top players for the surprising Liberty so far this season. The third-year player out of Oregon has stepped it up on the offensive end and is among the league leaders in both scoring and rebounding.

Kraayeveld stopped by to chat on Tuesday and answer questions from the fans. Here is what she had to say.

Matt (Lafayette, Ind.): Congratulations on a great start to the season. You are a strong contender for the league's Most Improved Player award. What did you do during the off-season to lead to your improvement this year?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:01 PM ET ) I went overseas to Belgium for four months and played in the Euro League. That was a good experience, playing against good players. I got home to Seattle and rested a bit. Then I just worked on my game on my own a bit to get ready for the season.

Mike (Washington, DC): How important is getting up tempo and pushing the ball in the fast break in your offense? Seems like you guys are great in the open floor and its a real point of emphesis. Can we expect that tonight vs Washington?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:02 PM ET ) We're trying to do that every game. That's a big strength of ours to push the ball and play up-tempo to get some easy baskets. We definitely look to do that.

Tolu: How do you guys try to improve and focus after losing two straight games?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:04 PM ET ) We try to learn from our mistakes from the previous game and take what we can and move on. We don't want to dwell on games, but you also want to take what you can from it. Tonight we just need to focus on Washington and play our game.

Jonesboro, AR: This year you really emerged as a star for the Liberty. How hard was it to be more in the background the last two years. What makes this season so much different from the lest few? Thanks!!

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:05 PM ET ) My role is more defined. I have a better understanding of what the coaches want. I've grown a lot, not just on the court, but mentally as well. The important thing is that I'm just going out and playing now and having fun.

Thomas Nevling (Clarksville, TN): Cathy' What do think is the strongest part of your game, and what do you need to do to improve the most?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:07 PM ET ) I'm an all-round player; I'm able to shoot from outside and post up. I'm able to read who's on me and go from there.

Continuing to improve is something everyone on our team works on. I try to work on my defense, just being aggressive and being there to help my teammates out.

Shaz : Who has the best post moves in the league?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:09 PM ET ) I can't pick just one person. Just overall, you have to guard everybody. There's not one person that can't play well and score. I guess you could say the players that are quicker give me the most trouble. But there are so many good players. I don't think I could pick only one.

Ellen: What are your favorite cities to play in?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:11 PM ET ) Seattle, obviously, because that's where I'm from. It's always great to play in front of family and friends. I really enjoy going to all of the places. I don't hate any of the places. All of the teams are in great cities. Besides Seattle, I don't have a favorite.

Robert, CA: What was your reaction to Chamique's decision to retire?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:12 PM ET ) She's a great player. Whatever the reasons may be to retire, that's her decision. I think she will be missed. But she has to do what's best for her, whatever that may be.

Allicia S.: How emotional do you think the game will be on June 22 when Becky Hammon returns to the Garden on a different team? Would also like to are by far my favorite player and I do try to go to all the Liberty games and everyone compliments on my Kraayeveld jersey!!! Great job thus far this season, keep it up =)

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:13 PM ET ) For us, we just have to not get caught up in it. It'll be great for the fans to welcome her back and thank her for what she did for New York. We just have to focus on the game. But it will be good to see her. We are all happy for her.

Chrissy, Bayonne, NJ: Do you have any pre-game ritual?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:15 PM ET ) I don't have a crazy ritual. I take a nap on game days, but that's way before the game. I'm pretty easy-going and relaxed, so I don't get nervous before games. But I really don't do anything special.

Chrissy, Bayonne, NJ: First off, HI Cathrine! Here is my question, How did you decided your number #33?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:16 PM ET ) There's no good reason. I used to like Reggie Miller a lot when I was younger because he shot 3's and I liked to shoot 3's. That number was actually taken in college though. But I took the No. 33 just because it sounded good (laughs) I guess. There's no special reason though.

Navina (Oregon): We've been watching you a long time (go ducks!) and are excited to see how much your hard work is starting to pay off for you. Do you keep in touch with any of your old teammates? Have you decided where to play in the offseason? Good luck, keep up the good work and start another winning streak today!

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:19 PM ET ) Go Ducks!

I do keep in touch with old teammates. I try to keep in touch with a few of them once in a while, ones I graduated with and others who were a year below or above me. I don't get to see them often, but I try take advantage of opportunities to see them.

As for in the off-season, I'm actually going to go back to Belgium to play on the same team where I was.

Michelle (Painesville, Ohio): Hey! Good luck tonight. My question is what do you all do off the court do you hang out together? Thanks!!

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:21 PM ET ) Yeah. We've had days off we're people go to the mall or to the movies. We have BBQ's sometimes and with the coaches as well. There's not a lot to do where we live actually, but we hang out with each other when we can.

KC Z, NYC: Your my fav player on the Liberty. What kind of advice does your dad give you since he was a professional football player? Thanks for answering my question.

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:23 PM ET ) He's taught me to work hard, keep a good attitude and to always know there's always room for improvement, to never stop pushing myself. I was fortunate to have two great parents that raised me. Not everyone gets that opportunity, so I'm fortunate for that.

Chrissy (Manhattan, New York): How successful do you think that you and the team will be this year?

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:25 PM ET ) We're trying to just focus on one game at a time. Obviously we want to be successful by the end of the season. We want to be a playoff team. But honestly we have to approach it one game at a time. Everyone wants to do well in this league. We're just looking to improve every day, and hopefully that improvement will build on itself throughout the year.

 Cathrine Kraayeveld: (1:26 PM ET ) Thanks for all your support, especially the fans in New York. Hopefully everyone can watch the game on TV or come watch us at the arena. Thanks for all your great support!