Katieís Got Next: Student, Coach, Dietician & Mentor

Ros Gold-Onwude

What will you do once this season is over?

I will return to Ohio State where Iím a graduate assistant with the womenís basketball team.† This year I will be working on my thesis.† I canít come to all practices because of school but I help out however itís needed.† Iíll rebound for players or be around for recruiting, help mentor the kids or make an appearance at events.

What does new head coach Kevin McGuff have in store for Ohio State womenís basketball this season?

Iíve spoken to McGuff and weíll have a playerís program.† Weíre looking for the best players and the goal is to be a team that can compete for a national championship.† We want to battle every year to make a run.† The University has a lot of great resources, impressive alums and more to offer.

What are you studying as a graduate assistant?

Iím working towards becoming a registered dietician.† Iím in the last year of a three year rotation.† My thesis will probably be ďWhere do WNBA players get their nutritional informationĒ.† Iíll probably work with trainers and the players and then make my own survey to mail out to all the players.† Iíll use the group emails from WNBAPA; (laughs) a lot of the players are my friends so they better answer!

How does this field of study intersect with your goal of becoming a coach?

I plan to have the Registered Dietician title in my resume but I want to coach.† I want to figure out how to use what Iíve learned with coaching.† And perhaps even use that knowledge to create a side business.

Why is nutrition so important to you?

Itís important because itís your life, your body, and your quality of life as you age.† If you want to stay healthy your fuel is a big part of preventing and treating issues.

Do you ever slip up or do you always eat healthy?

EhhhÖ so-so.† I have my moments.† I definitely have my vices.

When youíre on campus, do you bike?† Do you run into your players?

I have a book bag but no bike.† I usually walk everywhere.† And yes I see the players and they always holler at me!† Itís fun for me.† It shows them life doesnít have to end at any given point and that everyoneís path is different.† Iím just trying to be around in their lives.† Iíve been there and done that.† I just want them to be able to pick my brain whenever they want about whatever they want to talk about.†