Kamiko Williams 411

Ros Gold-Onwude

Where did the name Kamiko come from?

My dad told me there was a singer back in the day that he liked a lot so he gave me her name. He also calls me his ďLittle TurtleĒ because Iím slow. I take my time doing everything!

You played for the legendary Pat Summitt and also for new head coach Holly Warlick during your time at Tennessee. What was the transition like when Summitt had to step down as she battled Alzheimer's disease?

At first it was a little frustrating. With a new system being implemented I felt like a freshman again. There were a lot of demands on us but the coaching staff worked with us. Even with the new system, Holly stayed the same Holly we always knew. After the first few months things started to smooth out and we were able to trust our new coaches. I was proud of our team my senior year. We came together and I wouldnít trade my experience for anything in the world.

How did the college game prepare you for the WNBA?

During my senior year of college I was able to work on my versatility. My freshman, sophomore, and junior years of school I played the one through three positions- all guard. My senior year they started to use me in the post in the four spot, too. That year I learned post moves, post positions and now I understand how tough it is to play in the post. I understand what a post needs and that helps me as a guard to be able to relate.

What are your favorite parts of the game?

Iíve been taking pride in defense since forever. I also like to share the ball with my teammates. So much so that my coaches used to yell at me to shoot the ball. My favorite way to pass is off the bounce and create.

What would you be doing if you werenít playing basketball?

Well I have a degree in sociology and psychology. I love talking to people. Iíd like to coach and mentor kids. I want to be involved with children. I enjoy it.

How do you enjoy New York City on an off day?

I like to shop. Especially for shoes. I like Vans, Air Maxes, all of them. I have over a dozen pairs of Vans already. Iíll check out the shopping scene in New York and Iím trying to get used to New York City living. I lived in Germany for 15 years and I didnítí come back to the U.S. until I was 16 years old. My dad was in the military so Iíve jumped around a bit, but I like being in cities.