Holiday Q&A Session: Willis & Kraayeveld

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. Itís a busy time of year for everyone Ė managing endless holiday party invites, navigating the shopping malls and getting those holiday cards in the mail on time. The Liberty players have even more on their plates about now, juggling their travel schedules, overseas play and time off. As if these ladies canít handle it Ė theyíre professionals.

Cue the holiday tunes, as checks in with some players to see how their holiday plans are shaping up. Today, weíre talking to guard Lisa Willis Ė currently in Greece playing for Athinaikos Ė and forward Cathrine Kraayeveld Ė playing for Dexia Namur in Belgium.

Did you begin your holiday shopping yet?
Willis: Yes, I began already.
Kraayeveld: Not really. Being overseas in a small town makes it a little harder to get shopping done. I have some ideas in my head and will probably just do my shopping the couple days before Christmas when I get home.

Do you do your shopping online or in person?
Willis: I shop online, I will never go to the mall or stores to do holiday shopping again.
Kraayeveld: I usually do most of my shopping in person, very rarely do I go online.

Who will you spend the most money on this season?
Willis: Itís a tie. I spent the most money on my parents. I got them the same thing.
Kraayeveld: I usually spend the same amount on everyone in my family, unless I see something that I really want to get someone Ė then the amount doesn't really matter anymore, I really like to "treat" people.

Best present you ever received?
Willis: My basketball court, when I was nine.
Kraayeveld: I don't think I have one favorite. I have to say though, that my Dad has a good eye for jewelry, he always picks out really nice stuff.

Worst present you ever received?
Willis: A Cabbage Patch doll, uggh.
Kraayeveld: I usually like everything I get, maybe sometimes clothing that just catches my eye.

What's the one item you are hoping to receive the most this season?
Willis: I donít really want anything for Christmas, so whatever I get will be good.
Kraayeveld: I'm just excited to go home for Christmas, I am grateful for whatever I receive!

Who decorates around the house?
Willis: When we used to decorate, it was kind of a family effort.
Kraayeveld: I won't do much decorating since I won't be home until right before Christmas, but if I was home earlier, I would do some decorating. I like getting into the spirit of the holidays.

Who will you be spending the holidays with?
Willis: Iíll be spending the holiday with my immediate family and close friends. And everyone who will be in Vegas on New Yearís Eve, LOL.
Kraayeveld: I will be spending time with my family and maybe see a few close friends. I don't have much time at home, so good quality famí time is what Iím looking forward to.

Where will you be spending the holidays?
Willis: Long Beach, California
Kraayeveld: I will be going back to my parentsí place. I do have my own place now, but the family will be at my parentís house so thatís where I will be spending most of my time.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
Willis: Heck no! Iím from southern California. Iíd be just fine with a GREEN Christmas.
Kraayeveld: I would love to have a white Christmas. It doesn't usually snow much on Christmas day in Seattle, so to wake up on that morning and see snow on the ground would be great. It always seems to snow before and after, but not on Christmas day.

Do you open presents after midnight or when you wake up?
Willis: I open them when the family wakes up. If I did it when I woke up, nobody else would be awake to see what I got. Theyíre all sleepy heads.
Kraayeveld: My family usually opens its gifts when everyone wakes up on Christmas morning. Sometimes, we will open a small gift on Christmas Eve, but it is usually the next morning.

Real or artificial tree?
Willis: Real
Kraayeveld: Real for sure. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh tree, itís just how we have always done it, so thatís what I prefer.

Favorite Christmas cookie?
Willis: I guess Iíd have to go with the gingerbread house that you make out of graham crackers when youíre in grade school.
Kraayeveld: I don't think I have a favorite.

Favorite Christmas carol?
Willis: Silent Night
Kraayeveld: I really like Oh Holy Night. I like Celine Dion and Michael Crawford's version.

Favorite holiday movie?
Willis: Home Alone or Home Alone 2, but definitely NOT Home Alone 3.
Kraayeveld: I don't have a favorite.

Favorite reindeer?
Willis: Sleepy. Or is that a dwarf? I guess Rudolph, because he has his own song. Thatís pretty cool.
Kraayeveld: I donít have one.

Which celebrity would you want to be stuck under the mistletoe with?
Willis: Will Smith
Kraayeveld: Wentworth Miller from Prison Break or Michael Vartan from Alias.

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