Holiday Q&A Session: McCarville & Moore

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. Itís a busy time of year for everyone Ė managing endless holiday party invites, navigating the shopping malls and getting those holiday cards in the mail on time. The Liberty players have even more on their plates about now, juggling their travel schedules, overseas play and time off. As if these ladies canít handle it Ė theyíre professionals.

Cue the holiday tunes, as checks in with some players to see how their holiday plans are shaping up. Today, weíre talking to center Janel McCarvilleĖ currently in Slovakia playing for Kosice Ė and guard Loree Moore.

Did you begin your holiday shopping yet?
McCarville: I havenít because Iím still overseas. So Iíll be in the malls when I get home after the 22nd. YIKES!
Moore: I am actually going to start my holiday shopping this weekend.

Do you do your shopping online or in person?
McCarville: Both, it depends if I can find it online or not.
Moore: I like to do my shopping in person, unless the only way I could get the gift would be online.

Who will you spend the most money on this season?
McCarville: The kids, J-Mac loves the kids ;)
Moore: Everyone will get a fair amount. I like to try and spoil everyone if I could.

Best present you ever received?
McCarville: Itís hard to say, there have been so many good ones. I will get a lilí mushy and say that last year as a whole was the best present I received because everyone in my family was together for it.
Moore: The best present I received was when I got my Sega Genesis.

Worst present you ever received?
McCarville: How can any present be bad? Come on now! Kids these days are SPOILED.
Moore: I always received nice gifts or I just received some money. So, I always made out okay.

Whatís the one item you are hoping to receive the most this season?
McCarville: Nothing really, I just love being home!!!
Moore: I actually can say I am content with the things I have. I don't really need anything but to be around my family and friends.

Who decorates around the house?
McCarville: Everyone kind of does their part, usually!!!!
Moore: I used to when I was younger, help my mom with the tree Ė putting the ornaments on and I always got to pick an ornament for the tree every Christmas. It was my own ornament, I used to get excited about that. :)

Who will you be spending the holidays with?
McCarville: Family, for a couple days. Time will be crunched, so it will be mostly family.
Moore: I will spend the holidays with family.

Where will you be spending the holidays?
McCarville: Home on the range ... ;)
Moore: Rhode Island

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
McCarville: Hell yeah, we do not have snow in Slovakia, and I want go sledding with my nieces and nephews.
Moore: No, Iím not dreaming of a white Christmas.

Do you open presents after midnight or when you wake up?
McCarville: When we wake up, after breakfast.
Moore: On Christmas day.

Real or artificial tree?
McCarville: A real tree. T (my father) wouldnít have it any other way.
Moore: Real tree.

Favorite Christmas cookie?
McCarville: I donít have one.
Moore: Sugar cookies with sprinkles on top with some white frosting.

Favorite Christmas carol?
McCarville: I donít have one.
Moore: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Favorite holiday movie?
McCarville: Hahaha, I love the cartoons of Frosty The Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
Moore: Miracle on 34th Street (a great classic).

Favorite reindeer?
McCarville: Iím going to have to go with Comet, that fella doesnít get the credit he deserves!!!
Moore: Dasher

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