Our Annual Holiday Q&A

The holiday season is upon us once again. It's a busy time for all; whether you're juggling a large shopping list, all those party invitations, a fabulous getaway vacation or even managing an overseas basketball schedule (like some people we know).

Once again, NYLiberty.com is rolling out its annual holiday questionnaire, where we put aside the hoops chatter for once and ask the Liberty players some holiday-themed questions. Whatever your tradition may be, crank up the holiday tunes now and curl up to the computer to find out how some players' plans are coming together.

Will you be heading home for the holidays?

I live here in New York right now, so I'll be spending the holidays in NYC.

Yes, I will be heading back to Dallas for Christmas.

 Yes, I just finally got the OK to go home. My team has games during the holiday break we were not supposed to have one. I wouold have been sad.


 I do get to see my family for about one week and I am so excited. Hopefully, it will be a relaxed holiday!

   I will be going home and staying home. Custer, Wisconsin all the way!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

 Yes, I have.

 I have spent thousands online. I am an aunt of nine, and even a great aunt, so I have lots of shoppin' to do for everyone.

 I have not, YIKES!

 I have!! I think I have become a master at online shopping.

 I actually finished all my shopping. I got it done early this year, whew!

 I started shopping two months ago, li'l things here and there. I had sent them home and so once I'm there, they will be under my tree.

How many people are you buying gifts for?

 My parents, grandmother, my adorable little cousins (who aren't so little anymore) and a couple of friends.


 I'm not sure exactly but anywhere from five to seven people.

 In the beginning, I thought it was going to be a lot. But with time on some of my little brothers hands, I will have less this year because they were being bad (LOL).

 Anyone under 18 is the rule. And only two are over it, but I will still buy for everyone. Adults included. I'm a giver.

 Just my family = )

Who’s gift will be the most expensive on your list?

 My little, new baby Prince (my dog). He is so special to me and he will be seven months. I gotta get him lots of toys and treats for his first Christmas.

 My parents.

 This year I am really into the sentimental gifts! I want to use the extra money to help a family in need.

 I've got a soft spot for my nephew Cayden. He is stuck on anything I do, so we have lots in common.

 My god daughter, she gets spoiled the most.

What is a typical Christmas day like for you?

 We start on Christmas Eve with the family going to a candle light Church service followed by a big steak dinner. We do it up big with all the Christmas china-ware! Then, on Christmas morning, we get up early and head to the grandparents house to open presents with them and to spend time with them. Then we have our traditional Spencer-Christmas breakfast, with omelets, grits and the works. I love it!

 Wake up early and start opening gifts. Then we sit down for a huuuuge meal. It's quiet time with the family.

 We drive to my grandmother's house on Christmas morning, eat, open gifts, sing to the Temptations' Christmas CD, and basically enjoy each other's company.

 Waking up in the morning because the kids will be awake, then watching them open their gifts before I go back to sleep. After a good nap if I get to go back to sleep, I wake up & eat a wonderful Christmas dinner. In the early evening, I visit family members homes & eat what they have cooked as well. Later on in the evening, the family gets together at someone's house where we relax, share old stories about previous Christmases, play games possibly (mostly Spades) and then head out for a night of fun.

 Wake up when you wake up, make breakfast with the family (secret family recipe) and then presents after. The rest of the day, play with the kiddies.

 Well usually for the past four years, during college, they were exciting. Family comes from all over. It's another day to have an excuse to eat so much, because the next day you are heading back to your team to continue training for your season.

Who are you celebrating with this year?

 My mom, sister, nephews & a host of family & friends in Atlanta.

 Family & friends.

 My mother, brothers and best friends.

 I am a newly-wed so I will be with the in-laws this year.

 My immediate-family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

 My family.

Do you send holiday cards?

 I don't really send cards. I text though, that's probably too informal, huh?

 I do not send holiday cards, but I should start.

 As far as seasonal gretting cards, I have not started sending those yet. However, my family usually sends them out with all of us in the photo.



 Not really, but this year my puppy and I are sending out a New Year's card. We're taking pictures when I get back.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

 This year in Israel, I cannot wait to see the sequel of Twilight .

 I like This Christmas .

 The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. I have loved it since I was a kid and sooo want to go visit the North Pole in a sleigh that makes hot cappuccinos!

 I don't have a favorite.

 I don't really have one.

 Back in the day, it was all the li'l ones. But now I would say Elf, just cause it's so funny.

What is the best present you’ve ever received and who was it from?

 I really love surprise gifts that are heart-felt, like a good cook book or special charm.

 My Beyonce phone, from two or three Christmases ago. It was given to me by my best friend.

 I can't have one fave. I have gotten a lot of good ones from the family!!!

 Can't name just one, every year I get something that makes me smile.

Winter & snow: very much welcome or not welcome?

 Not welcome, brrrr! I'm a Cali girl.

 Very much welcome, but I only have to deal with it for one week this year (LOL).


 Welcome, but in Texas, I doubt it. 

 Bring it on!

 Very much, and lots of it.

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2010 on the court?

 Being healthy, I want my body in the best shape ever!

 I want to work hard & evolve my game in all aspects.

 To improve all around in my game, stay healthy and enjoy the game of basketball.

 Can't tell or it won't come true ... ;)

 I have set some goals to get better at individual parts of my game.

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2010 off the court?

 To have praise and worship before I do anything basketball related.

 I'd like to become a better person & help others around me to become better people, as well.

 Going to give up soda again, and possibly other things, TBA!

 I do not know yet.

 To be healthy.

Did you set a resolution this past year?



 Cut down eating fast food.

 Yes, I set many.

If so, did you stick to it?

 Yup yup, no drive-thru food for me.

  I think I accomplished half of them. =)

If not, will you try harder to this year?

 Sure will.



Happy holidays from our family to yours! We'll see you 2010!