Kym Hampton Unveils New Video Blog

There’s a familiar voice heard around the halls of the Liberty front office these days. Whether it’s via general conversation or song, any one could match that southern twang to a face in a matter of seconds.

Of course it helps that six-foot-two-inch tall basketball legends are easy to spot in a Manhattan office setting. We’re talking about none other than Kym Hampton.

Hampton, not just a Madison Square Garden courtside staple, has been giving back full time to the New York tri-state area community and helping to strengthen the Liberty brand through appearances, speaking engagements, reading sessions, clinics and beyond since she announced her retirement from the WNBA courts back in 1999.

The great news right now for you fans? Firstly, you don’t have to camp out in our hallway to get connected to one of WNBA history’s most dominant centers. Secondly, you can stay put, right here on! Whether she’s here to give you her perspective on the latest around the league or answering your questions on basketball tips, fashion and music – stay locked into through the summer for your all-access Hampton pass!

Check out her video blog series:

  • Part 1: Click here
  • Part 2: Click here
  • A killer hook shot, community work, musical talents, modeling and even some acting – where does she find the time to fit us in? We haven’t quite figured it out, but just stick around for more from our entertaining local legend!