Our Halloween Q&A

Halloween is just around the corner. As everyone gets their plans in order for that special night, NYLiberty.com checked in with some players to find out their favorites from this fun holiday over the years. Is candy corn a fave or a foul? Is making your costume hip or horrible?

We get to the bottom of it all in our Halloween Q&A.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Little Snickers or Twix. I hate candy corn.
Pop corn balls and Reese's cups.
Anything HERSHEY's; Reese cups, Snickers! I love the chocolate!
Anything but candy corn.

What was your best costume?
I went as myself once, only after a little girl decided to go as me. I didn't know if I should have been proud or not. I mean you're supposed to be scary for Halloween, right?
Of course myself, as a basketball player (LOL).
Serena Williams, haha.
I was KRIS KROSS, the totally awesome hip-hop duo from back in the day! My bestfriend and I wore our clothes backwards and we sang their song "Kris Kross makes you wanna, JUMP! JUMP!"

Cat Woman.

What was your worst costume?
I wore a sheet, because I was a ghost (LOL).
A witch, when I was younger. I bought it from the discount store and the dress was too small. I was a big child ...
A clown.
I didnt have one!
I was a clown when I younger and I don't know what I was thinking! (LOL!)

Did you have a strategy for obtaining candy?
I tried to be cute as possible. It wasn't hard!!!
Yes. It was going to every neighborhood corner store and screaming "Happy Halloween!" Then going to relatives houses and friends houses. And yea, taking my lil' brothers' candy.
Snatch the other kids' bags (LOL). Just joking. I would hit every house multiple times (LOL).
Nope, I just used to "Trick-or-Treat." I did carry a pillow-case to maximize the amount of candy I might receive!
Not really.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
Pumpkin carving. I even got some of my teammates in Slovakia to carve em. I might try again this year in Spartak.
Carving the pumpkin was my fave only because when I was old enough to do it alone or with my brothers I was happy to do my own faces and clean the pumpkin. It showed me that I was growing up, got to use the knife and place the candle in the pumpkin at night.
Pumpkin carving and eating pumpkin seeds.
My brothers and I would wait for my dad to come home from work and then we would get our pillowcases and off we would go. I think the anticipation of waiting on my Dad and seeing the first Trick-or-Treaters was my favorite!
Decorating and trick or treating.

Did you buy or make your own costume?
I usually made it, I didn't have the money for buying one.
I made most of my costumes growing up. Like I said, I was a tall girl growing up, nothing kid-like or teen-like would fit me. And the adult costumes where too expensive for what I had from my allowance.
I can only remember ones that were home-made! I prefer home-made costumes because they are super-authentic and my imagination has endless possibilities!
I bought my costumes.

What is your all-time scariest Halloween movie?
Freddy (Krueger) was my all-time scary movie only because he came in your sleep. It's one thing to watch movies and know that if you ever see the monster, you would have to be awake and you tell yourself that it's fake. But for Freddy to live in your dreams -- dreams could kill -- so I was always scared, but now he doesn't scare me (LOL).
Any Chucky? Chucky movies.
Any of the Halloween movies were fun to watch. None were really scary.

How long did your Halloween candy usually last?
A day or so ...
About a week. I always had some leftover candy I didn't like or the candy that my mother didn't trust after checking it.
A month.
Months until I had to throw it out!
Until the end of January, thanks to my mom.

When was the last time you trick-Or-treated?
A couple of years back (LOL).
Years ago. I was probably a freshman in high school.
My senior year of college.
YEARS! A long time ago. I actually began to enjoy handing out the candy and seeing all the costumes, once I got into high school!
It was in 2008. I took my nephews to trick or treat and I ended up getting candy because a lot of the people liked my costume. But I gave the candy to my nephews.

Was there ever a house around the neighborhood that you were scared to knock on the door?
Yes, it was an old house on in the Bronx that had branches growing from it. They were all over the windows and the doors. You could never see inside the house. It was just plain scary. My grandfather (who is resting in peace) lived across the street from the house and we could see it from his living room window. I would watch to see who went inside and came out. I will tell you (LOL), only a bunch of crazy people. You had to be crazy to walk into a house made up of branches and roots (LOL), were my thoughts as a kid.
I didn't really venture over to the dark houses or houses with a lot of woods. I'm a scardy-cat anyways, so people jumping out of the bushes was not my cup of tea =)
No, we all knew each other around our neighborhood. But I loved going to the houses that had all of the decorations in the yard because they for sure had the best candy!!!

Have a happy Halloween!

Compiled by Jessica Quas