The Golden Maddies: Best Off-Court Feature

The nominees for Best Off-Court Feature (Oscar equivalent: Documentary Feature) are as follows:

Feature Description

Touring Harlem

MSG Network takes rookie forward Tiffany Jackson on a personalized tour of Harlem. A Texas native, Jackson gets an up-close-and-personal experience of the historic New York City neighborhood, and utilizes her Ethnic Studies degree from the University of Texas. View It!

Going Home

Rookie guard Shay Doron takes the MSG Network on a trip down memory lane through her hometown. Doron hits up her old playground, travels down the town's main street to her favorite pizza spot and relaxes at home with her parents. View It!

Taste Of New York Centers Martina Weber and Janel McCarville bring the MSG Network along for the ride as they discover the best way to get to know New York City, with food! The post players get a taste for some of the best of flavors of downtown's delights. View It!

Shop 'Til You Drop

Veteran players Shameka Christon and Barb Farris know their way around a mall, just about as much as they do on the basketball court. The MSG Network tries to keep up with the shopping duo as they get treated to makeovers after a tough day at practice. View It!

Road Trip Diary

Guard Ashley Battle files a fun-filled video diary from the Liberty's annual west coast trip. Battle offers MSG Network viewers some of the behind-the-scenes action, from airport delays to an off day trek through the mall and even sneaking in some In & Out Burger after practice. View It!

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