Getting to Know: Liberty Interns, Marketing

As the seasons change, so too do the faces of the interns in the Libertyís Marketing department. Every fall, spring and summer aspiring applicants are brought in to start on the path to building their careers and fill an important role within the organization. To better understand the Marketing departmentís Team Behind the Team, read on to find out about what an exciting journey the Summer Ď07 was for interns Eric Goldberger and Nicole Weltman.

Donít Sell Yourself Short
As marketing interns, we reported to the teamís marketing director and the ticket account executive, assisting in the ticket sales process by copying, organizing and mailing out flyers to targeted groups about ticket promotions. We organized data based on research for potential ticket clients and followed up to find out more about their experiences as Liberty fans while trying to meet their individual ticket needs.

All In A Dayís Work
Every morning this summer, we began our day by sorting the mail that came in. The team receives a variety of requests on a daily basis for items such as media guides, game information or messages for GardenVision. It was also our responsibility to separate any fan mail for the players so that each player was given the opportunity to personally respond to their fans. Any call that came through on the Liberty Fan Line, we did our best to answer whatever question or request fans may have had.

Paper Weight
By being such a tight-knit office, the projects we contributed to carried a lot of weight in the department. We were responsible for communicating with the departmentís Game Night Staff to assure they confirm their schedules and availability for each home game. We would also submit payroll for those staff members Ė especially on-time! Other paperwork we found ourselves consumed with were forms for sponsor ticket requests, Ticketmaster coupon codes and the internal charge forms. We would even occasionally contribute to the public address announcement copy that was read during games.

Broadway At The Garden
The marketing staff plays a pivotal role in each gameís event presentation Ė a.k.a, the behind the scenes planning of an entire game. It is almost like a play or movie because there is a director and a script. The weekly event presentation meetings were very much like rehearsals. These meetings generally entailed brainstorming ideas for fan contests, game content that goes with each theme night and other creative ways to integrate promotions in the arena for the fans. We would discuss all components from videos, music, public address announcements, the three dance teams to even our mascot, Maddie. First and foremost, we would make sure everything we brainstormed would resonate with the fans. Itís all about the fans, after all!

The Little Things
This summer, we also helped make some of the little things happen. For each game, T-shirts had to be rolled for the players and dance teams to throw out into the crowd. We were also responsible for the placing and distributing of any sponsored giveaway items and WNBA roster cards each game night. When contestants won prizes on-court, we were there to hand it to them! Organizing the items for the post-game autograph sessions and the specific props for in-game contests and time outs Ė there we were.

Rock The Vote!
One of the biggest projects we had the pleasure of being a part of was activating the teamís All-Star balloting campaign. Each week we would sit in on conference calls with WNBA representatives and other marketing professionals from the other teams to make sure All-Star Balloting was being properly executed. We spent time brainstorming ways to increase the number of ballots from fans at games and ways to motivate them to vote online. We wrote a concise and thorough marketing plan that detailed all of our ideas and how they should be executed. We put it all into action with an All-Star Voting incentive program, sweepstakes, in-arena contests, videos and promotional items such as t-shirts and buttons. We are happy to report that the Liberty won for the most creative All-Star campaign this summer! The team was honored for its activation by promotional category (promotion to drive media awareness, promotion with All-Star candidates and fans, out-of-arena/group promotion, and in-arena promotional theme), COO and League voting for most creative promotion in each of the four categories, and website activation. This project was the most rewarding because we helped spearhead the teamís efforts from start to finish and had the opportunity to see how all the integral parts of a marketing plan come together.

Hard Work Pays Off
The most important thing about being a Liberty marketing intern this summer is that we got to experience it all Ė we were right there, in the middle of all the action. We got a taste of game-day operations, sponsorship, public relations, ticket sales and customer service. If you have the passion to work in the sports industry but are not sure where you fit in, we think that being a marketing intern is the perfect way to learn and gain the experience you need to propel your career further.

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