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Getting to Know: Liberty Marketing Game Night Staff

Every summer, a fun-loving group of hard-working individuals come together with a mission – to make certain that fans are getting the most out of each and every Liberty game.

For the fans, game time is determined by tip-off, however, for the dedicated Liberty marketing staff, tip-off simply means that just part of the job is done. chats with seasoned game night staffers Alexis Grassadonio and Meredith Garcy to get the scoop on what it takes to put together an afternoon or evening of fun in “The World’s Most Famous Arena.”

Describe what a typical game day entails for the marketing department’s game night staff.
Our day begins with a pre-game meeting, three hours before the start of a Liberty game. We discuss the day’s game plan with the director of game night staff. Each game has its basic elements, i.e. the season subscriber of the game, anthem, player introductions, fan tunnels, ball ceremony, contests and performers. Assignments are delegated to staff members and logistics are covered.

What do you during the game?
Our responsibilities commence prior to doors opening to the general public. During the pre-game, we meet with several groups that are a part of the in-game presentation. For instance, we meet the anthem singer and escort him or her into the arena for sound check. The Liberty manages to bring in some great talent for the anthem, you never know whom you will meet – it could be a future Broadway star or the next American Idol runner-up. Other groups that we encounter are the ball ceremony and fan tunnel groups, whom we escort into the arena to rehearse the ball ceremony and fan tunnel routines. After the rehearsals, we like to lighten the mood and have some fun with the kids. To pass the time, we have the groups sing a few songs and perform the most current dances moves.

How do you select the contestants for on-court contests?
Contestants are selected at random to participate in a variety of our contests. We’ll give fans a tip to get the edge – to increase your chances of being chosen, be in/near your seat, wearing sneakers and dressed in your finest Liberty gear! Practice your funky dance moves and jump shots so that you can make the best of your on-court experience!

How does someone become a member of your game night staff?
To earn one of the coveted spots on the game night staff roster, you must have experience with event operations. The Liberty game night staff is mainly compromised of current and former Madison Square Garden interns that have worked Knicks, Rangers or other MSG events.

What is the best thing about your job?
Our matching uniforms! We must say that our staff t-shirts are highly coveted by the fans. We can make a pretty penny at the end of the season by selling our t-shirts to the highest bidders. All kidding aside, the best thing about our job is the people we work with and our great Liberty fans. The game night staff is like family. We all get along and have a lot of fun together. So if you see us walking around the arena hysterical laughing and smiling, it’s not because we are crazy – it’s because we’re thoroughly enjoying our jobs.

See the Liberty’s marketing game night staff in action at The Garden this summer. Score your tickets now online, via the Box Office or by calling 877-WNBA-TIX. We’ll see you there!