The Team Behind the Team …

Getting to Know: Megan Myers, Liberty Ticket Account Executive

It’s well known that the New York Liberty thrives off the support of its fans that come to each and every game. What you may not know is that it takes a team off the court to provide fans with a great experience each time they enter through those turnstiles at The Garden. That exciting task belongs to Megan Myers, the Liberty’s ticket account executive. grabbed a few moments of Megan’s time to find out a little more about her role to help make fans feel right at home in “The World’s Most Famous Arena.”

What are your responsibilities as the team’s account executive?
My job is to sell group tickets, mini plans, individual tickets and "Fan Experience Packages" which include ball ceremonies, fan tunnels, court-time and meet and greets with players. I use many different outlets to reach out to groups in the New York-metropolitan area, such as websites, direct mail, email blasts and phone calls. I am also responsible for what is called "client upkeep,” which is making sure fans are happy and spoiled as part of the Liberty family!

What is the first thing you do when you come into work everyday?
I drink some coffee and then I can begin my day answering emails and checking voicemails.

What kinds of groups do you sell tickets to?
I sell to all kinds of groups, including dads and daughters groups, AAU teams, non-profits, companies looking for client entertainment, women’s groups, schools, alumni groups, etc. My favorite groups are the ones that support young women and bring huge groups of girls out to see the players on the court. When their faces light up while meeting a player or when they get a personal autograph, it reminds me why I do my job. Because of the WNBA, young girls now have a professional sports league that is a feasible and attainable goal – it is unprecedented.

What do you do before and during a game?
Before the game we have a team of people posted in the Box Office to sell mini plans for any fans that walk-up to the window. During games I make sure to visit each client, whether it be a group, mini plan or individual ticket sale, and make sure that they are happy and that they will be coming back. I also visit fans that I have invited to the games that are potential future sales.

What is the one thing you can not live without to do your job?
Both coffee and interns get me through the day. We have a small staff here and running a team isn’t an easy job. Our interns are an intricate part of our marketing, PR and sales departments. I started out as a Liberty intern in the summer of 2005 and never realized how vital we were, but now, I can’t live without them!

What were some things that you learned as an intern that you can apply to your job today?
As an intern I gained a lot of knowledge about the market and it’s helped me to sell tickets in my job now. There is no other professional market out there like the WNBA. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a game and to experience it first hand, makes for a much better learning experience.

Those tickets that Megan pours her heart into are available via, The Garden Box Office or by calling 877-WNBA-TIX. Support the Liberty this summer and score your tickets now.