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Getting to Know: Liberty Interns, Public Relations

Every fall, spring and summer, a group of hard working and lucky students are chosen from a local and national pool of applicants to serve as interns for the New York Liberty’s public/community relations department. unveils 10 things to help you get to know the Liberty’s crew of Summer ‘07 interns, Kimberly Griffith and Elizabeth Martin.

Rise and Shine
It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Each day starts promptly at 8:00am. We’re responsible for searching the internet and the local newspapers for any mentions of the team and the WNBA. Once we compile all the articles, we circulate them to a number of people throughout the office.

You’ve Got Mail!
Checking e-mail is a must. We typically have over 25 new messages each morning – ranging from tasks to be completed throughout the day to requests for information from the public and media.

Don’t Forget Your Notebook
Each morning, we meet with our supervisor to review what needs to be done for the day and the next game. She will assign certain tasks to each of us and includes a deadline for when we need to finish each project. Since we’re such a small department, a lot is asked of the interns to help pitch in. So every detail is important, ranging from what big story is supposed to be released that week to what time the opposing team is to arrive. Everything must be written down!

Relating To the Community
Our responsibilities also extend into the community relations side of the team. We assist with the department’s community relations requests. Whether a group is looking to attend a game or request autographed items for a charity or auction, we gather the requests for review and help fulfill them when approved.

Showing the Love
Fans are passionate about their teams and we make certain to return the favor. We’re there to respond to any questions or concerns a fan may inquire about via the phone or e-mail. No question is insignificant – we track down the answers. We also monitor the mail that fans send in for the players and make sure that each player receives everything.

Game Day Excitement
Game days are our busiest because we conduct our daily duties, on top of our department’s specific game day responsibilities. It includes preparing the press room with the game notes, media guides, stats and any other press materials for members of the media to use during the game. We also place the seating cards in spots around the arena for photographers and writers during the game. Two hours before tip-off, we’re manning the press gate, which requires greeting and checking in all working media members covering the game. We then report to the arena floor, where we join the rest of the Liberty game-night staff to assist in getting the media what they need during the game. We’ll also carry out any miscellaneous tasks our supervisor might ask of us during the game. Once the game ends, we assist with getting the final box scores and stats to the media. It’s a long day, but a great experience to be behind-the-scenes.

Check Your Facts
A big part of our department’s responsibility is the production of game notes. Game notes are written for each game when the Liberty is playing on the road or at home. The notes provide media with the most up to date information about the team, trends, milestones, etc. We help contribute to the game notes with fact checking stats and records, as well as writing.

We contribute to the content you read on, from interviewing a player or fellow staff member to creating a photo slideshow.

Meet the Press
Part of our job is developing and strengthening relationships with the local media. Whenever they are looking for press materials, stats or game information, we step in to help as best we can.

Going the Extra Mile
The most important thing you need to know about being a New York Liberty intern is that it is an incredible opportunity. As an intern you need to be willing to do anything that is necessary to help in the promotion of the team. The experience for us has been priceless.

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