Fro’s Overseas Diary: Entry 1

Wow!! It really has been a while since my last entry, and I don’t know where to start…

Fröhlich blocking the Sting's Shalonda Enis' shot.
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At the moment I am in the northern part of Italy in a little town called Rovereto. It is a very beautiful place, and also pretty close to my hometown – only an hour flight instead of six hours from New York. It’s great because I’ve been able to see my family more now than when I was in college.

That’s not the only reason why I am enjoying my time over here so much. The second reason is that my team is doing very well ever since we got back from the Christmas break. We have won 8 out of our last 9 games and are currently in fourth place in the Italian league. That is a pretty good position, and hopefully we will be able to remain in this spot, if not even move one spot higher. The top four teams will earn a place in the Euro league, which is definitely a privilege to all the teams over here, because in addition to your inland play, you are able to play against the best teams in Europe. So, it would be awesome if we could actually make it. That should not be a problem, especially with the attitude that our team has: We are working hard and we want to win!

Vickie Johnson and the “Spark-Girl” Tamecka Dixon are on my team as well. Isn’t that horrible? Liberty meets Sparks again. Actually, it isn’t horrible. Believe it or not, Tamecka is a very nice girl and the three of us get along very well.

And then there is VJ. She lives right upstairs from me. I am very glad that she is here. Not only is she my friend, but she has been a great teacher to me. She is definitely a professional, and I have learned many things from her. At this very moment she is helping me to become a better defensive player. Let's see how that works out!

Fröhlich Susan Moran, Crystal Robinson, Camille Cooper and Korie Hlede celebrating the Eastern Conference Championship!
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Overall the New York Liberty is represented very well here in Italy as we are getting ready for the upcoming WNBA season. As I said before, Vickie is here in Rovereto, and Sue Wicks and Crystal Robinson are both playing in a town only a few hours away. They are doing well, and whenever our busy practice schedules allow it, we try to see each other. Tari Phillips is here, too. She also is doing great.

Although things are going well here in Italy, I cannot wait to get back to New York. All of the Liberty players are working hard this offseason, so we can come back and have even greater success than last year. Dixon as shown me her championship rings a couple of times and all I can think of is, that I have to get me one of those. That helps me to work even harder every day, so one day I can help my teammates become WNBA Champions.

I look forward to seeing all of you again and wish you the best.

I will keep you updated, so check again next week for another entry of Fro’s Overseas Diary.

If you cannot wait that long, just catch up with me at www.LindaFrö, and remember one more thing: Liberty for all!

Linda Fröhlich #31