Call To Action: Fan Favorites

The 2007 season was an exciting ride for the Liberty and its fans. Although it's all over so soon, we're ready to reflect on all the fun that was this summer. There were just too many to recall -- so we figured, let us have all the fun trying to recap the season? asked fans to share their favorite moments and memories from this past summer and you filled our mailboxes with some great ones! Check them out and thank you so much for contributing!

Yvonne Sherwood (New Hyde Park):
My hat goes out to [Loree] Moore, [Ashley] Battle, [Tiffany] Jackson, and [Janel] McCarville for playing with intensity and showing enthusiasm. They breathed life into the team again. They showed us their love for playing for the Liberty, despite some tough losses. The team seemed to really gel with each other and it showed during the Playoffs against Detroit. Now that is the chemistry of old that I remembered from years ago. I definitely am excited about next summer and what the Lib players will accomplish. Summer 2008 -- look out! [Barb] Farris, McCarville, Battle and [Cathrine] Kraayeveld were hysterical singing Queen's song! We welcome more of that!

My favorite moments were all the home games I attended. I was glad to know that the Liberty fans still had a place in their hearts for Becky [Hammon], and was happy when fans cheered for her at the Silver Stars game. My other favorite moment was what my mom and I now call Erin Thorn's "towel dance," during the first game of the Playoffs. I can't explain it, but I know some of you know what I'm talking about. More of my favorites were when Janel McCarville won Most Improved Player, when we won the game that could have knocked us out, when we won with 3.3 seconds in the "Thorn Play," as I call it. I also got to go to a game on my birthday and see my name on Gardenvision (we won that day!!!). Last thing is, obviously, when we made the Playoffs and then won the first game by 22. I was at all of these games, and I love my mom for buying my tickets.

Pat (New York City):
Ditto all of the above, and in addition to the tremendous growth of all our regular players, my favorite moments were when Barbara Farris came in off the bench, with her class, strength and court-savvy. She always manages to do something special that needs to be done that no one else can recognize, and this must be why other teams seem to gang up on her when she's out there. It's always a special pleasure to watch her, especially against Detroit! We're looking forward to spectacular things from everybody next year.

Susan Weiss-Voskidis (Brooklyn):
My favorite moments (plural) both had to do with Erin Thorn. The first moment was when she was introduced as a starter at the beginning of the season. I've been watching her as a bench player for the past seasons that she's been on the team. She always had a great attitude whether she had playing time or not. Last year we began to see the talent emerge and the leadership skills she definitely brings to the team. My second favorite moment was her winning shot this season against Detroit at the buzzer. Really looking forward to seeing her again next season, and hopefully healthy and strong, with no more injuries.

Mary (New York City):
My favorite part of the season was the team surpassing almost everyone's expectations and making the Playoffs -- that game at MSG was the most fun I had at a Liberty game in a while.

Ernesto (Brooklyn):
I would have to say that my favorite moment of the season was the must win games at the end of the season. The Liberty showed ys that they have what it takes to compete and step up their game. It was definitely a very emotional and intense time.

Tina Salva (Freehold, NJ):
It would be really hard to pick a favorite moment for this season. The 5-0 start was incredible. The way the team played against Detroit and really most of the tougher teams when it counted. I've been a Janel McCarville fan since I first saw her playing in Minnesota -- so for her to play like a No. 1 pick for our team, was probably the thing that made me the most proud this season. I was very impressed by the way this young team responded to the loss of Becky Hammon by just being the best players they could be and the best team they could be. It really reminded me of the Rutgers women's basketball team's run and the character those ladies -- which is another great moment -- when the Liberty honored the Rutgers women and Coach Stringer. Great job!!

Christopher Scarcella (New York):
For me, it's hard to decide what my favorite Liberty moment was for 2007. There are so many to choose from. These were my favorite: (1) The blockbuster trade involving Jessica Davenport becoming a a member of the Liberty (maybe the biggest WNBA CHECKMATE ever); (2) Erin Thorn's buzzer beater versus Detroit at MSG (Now that's clutch shooting); (3) Janel McCarville winning WNBA's 2007 Most Improved Player award. This was well deserved. 2007 had many great moments and 2008 should be no different. Go Liberty go!

Janet Villas:
The video of Bohemian Rhapsody was the funniest thing I have ever seen at MSG. The emergence of Janel McCarville was the highlight of my season

Gen Spellman (Long Island):
I've been a huge Liberty fan for years, and this year was one of the best season I've followed so far. The season was exciting as a whole and just fun to watch - it's hard to pick a single as my favorite. But if I had to pick something it would be the overall feeling of watching our young talented team face so much speculation as to how they would do, most people did not give them a chance. At one of the games I went to, Ashley Battle, Barbara Farris, Cathrine Kraayeveld and Janel McCarville did a rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and it was hilarious! I think they really might have something to fall back on if their basketball careers don't work out (not that they would).

Leo Hohmann:
My favorite moment was just when the team made the Playoffs.

Mary McNabb (New Jersey):
There were so many great moments this year. What sticks out the most were the team beginning the season 5-0, Erin Thorn's buzzer beater, Janel McCarville winning Most Improved Player and the Liberty humiliating the Shock in Game One of the Playoffs. Can't wait for next season!

Kathleen Warnock:
No contest. The Bohemian Rhapsody video. My second non-player favorite was the dancing Shameka Christon guy. Sign him up!

Sarah (New Jersey):
My favorite moments this season were the last three games, when it was must-win to clinch the last Playoff spot. Erin Thorn's buzzer beater against Detroit, the fantastic game against Connecticut, the comeback and amazing fourth quarter against Chicago -- the Liberty played with a lot of heart and it was so exciting to see them beat the odds and make the Playoffs! Can't wait for next season -- this team is only going to get better and better.

Christine Hedglin:
I want to start out by thanking the team for a fantastic season. It was fun to watch this year. I'm proud to be a fan. My favorite part of the season was the last few games. They played incredible basketball. They showed a lot of heart. I look forward to next season. Go Liberty!

Shelly (New York City):
No one favorite moment really, I just thought the emergence of Janel McCarville was fantastic. It was something she needed and so did the Liberty! Also, any great play (and there were many) made by Ashley Battle is something I love to see.

Juarline Ruiz (Westbury, NY):
I have been a season subscriber for 11 years, and I must say that this team played with heart and soul, 100 percent. They were a very exciting team to watch all year long. They truly surpassed any expectation that true fans can have. There were lots of great moments - my favorite was making the Playoffs and beating Detroit on our home court, and almost coming up with the biggest upset of the season. The team should be very proud, I am proud and happy to be a Liberty fan.

Desire Gadseden:
The Conference Semi-Finals game against Detroit, especially Game Three, 70-71! The over time games played in Detroit on July 6 and July 18th were great games, even though we lost the last one. Have a fun and safe off-season, we look forward to seeing you back in full swing next season.

Frank Vollaro (North Patchogue, NY):
I don't recall the exact game, but in the second half, Erin Thorn was on fire - hitting three pointers everytime she touched the ball. It was an amazing display.

Alex (El Paso, TX):
I would have to say that this was the best season I have ever seen the New York Liberty play. My favorite memory of this season was at the end of the summer when the team was playing in must-win games. They really came together as a team, and did not buckle under the pressure. From the last-second, game-winning shot against Detroit to the final win over Chicago! Cannot wait until next season, best of luck!!!

Kasey (Maspeth, NY):
My favorite moment was Erin Thorn's buzzer beater against the Shock. I was there and it was awesome.

Marvin Bethea (Trenton, NJ):
My favorite moment this season was seeing the team make the Playoffs.

Lisa Mercorelli:
I think the best moment of the season was the Liberty winning against Chicago to clinch the Playoff spot. The Garden was rocking that night!

Anne (Brooklyn):
I could not have said it better than Juarline of Westbury, NY. Thanks for a great season!