NYLiberty.comís "Family Feud" - Jessica Davenport

Being part of a team has it perks. Even though youíre away from your family and friends for a considerable amount of time, you have a built-in system, courtesy of your team-mates and coaches. The Liberty spends a lot of time with one another on and off the court during the summer, and so NYLiberty.com is on the case to investigate as to whether itís a playerís real family or seasonal one, which knows them best. In this edition, we put John Davenport, father of rookie center Jessica Davenport, up against his daughterís team-mate and room-mate on the road, rookie forward Tiffany Jackson.

Letís find out who knows Jess best.

NYLiberty.com asks Ö

Beyonce or Rhianna?BeyonceBeyonceBeyonce
Fave WNBA city to visit?SeattleLos AngelesIndiana
Favorite color?RedBlueRed
Cincinnati Reds or Cleveland Indians?RedsIndiansIndians
Favorite TV Show?GirlfriendsThe Oprah Winfrey ShowGirlfriends
LeBron or Jordan?JordanLeBronLeBron
Road or home games?HomeHomeHome
I usually sleep X amount of hours a night Ö SevenEightNine
Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller?Ben StillerBen StillerWill Ferrell
More fulfilling:
A blocked shot or a dunk?
Blocked shotBlocked shotBlocked shot

Tiffany edges Mr. Davenport. Címon Dad, sheís Ohio State alum, how could her favorite color not be red?

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