Crunch Those Numbers: Part II

We previously chronicled the Liberty coaching staff’s game plan for helping the team strive towards reaching its season goals. And we found that it’s really just a matter of crunching numbers. The following is the remainder of the statistical analysis of the 2007 Liberty season, courtesy of the team’s manager of scouting and video operations, Catherine Proto.
Naturally, teams tend to play their best basketball on their home court – something the Liberty can attest to, thanks to its devoted fan base. As you would expect, this statistical trend had to be broken down for the 2007 campaign.

New York posted a 10-7 record when playing in “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” However, there were bumps on the road this summer, as the team posted a 6-11 away record. Some of the instabilities were attributed to scoring fewer points per game, logging a lower field goal percentage, as well as collecting fewer rebounds and steals.

“These [home/away] stats reveal some glaring patterns that we had on the court,” said Proto. “We will look at these games on film, for a more depth analysis, to find out the problems areas in order to fix them for the upcoming season.”

As the end of the regular season drew near this past summer, the Eastern Conference standings provided plenty of drama for the final four teams (including New York) who were competing for a Playoff spot. Dissecting statistics at that point were vital, to say the least.

Over the last 10 games, the Liberty performed statistically better in a number of categories as compared to their regular season total averages. During the stretch run, they shot a higher 2-point field goal percentage and free-throw percentage, and they collected and dished out more rebounds and assists per game. The team also committed fewer fouls and turnovers.

Why not take a page from the Liberty’s playbook? Much like how you and your team practice the fundamental skills of the game off the court, you should do the same with your stats, in order to find the success you’re looking for on the court.

Compiled by Christopher Chin

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