Bill's Twitter Takeover

In case you missed yesterday’s Twitter Takeover with Liberty Head Coach Laimbeer, below is a recap of the submitted questions and answers.

@Starkman88 asked: “Jeffery, Marshall, Williams, Cruz, Rodgers. 6 guards for 2 spots? How close should we watch this camp battle?”

@kenny848419 asked: “Will Meighan Simmons have a good chance to make the team? Because she has the ability to be an impact player for us.”

@ebmcne asked: “Is anyone being traded before the season starts?”

@J2daRock asked: “With all of the guards we have on the roster now, will you still use Cappie in a Point Guard role?”

@Prestorikk asked: “What do you think about Olcay Cakir as our rookie point guard?”

@weezyphresh14 asked: “Have you talked to Nolan lately? Any update on a comeback this season?”

Stay tuned and follow @nyliberty on Twitter throughout the season for more Twitter Takeovers!