Barbara Farris

February 27, 2006: Barbara Farris (F/C) is signed as free agent.

#54 Barbara Farris Tulane '98 (Signed as a free agent, 2006)
Born September 10,1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana; 6-3, 195
Three-point goals: 0-3, .000
Playoff Totals:31235.60000.000000062.0
Three-point goals: 0-0, .000
Barbara Farris
  1. How does it feel to coach at your current school?

    I am enjoying my first year coaching high school girls basketball. I am encouraging them to have fun and work hard so that you have no regrets.
    • Farris is currently working at John Curtis Christian High School in Riverside, New Orleans as a high school teacher and coach for the girls basketball team. At John Curtis, Farris teaches the benefits of education. As a former professional athlete, she tries to incorporate sports into what the students are learning every day. "I enjoy it and I'm making the best of it" she says, "Sports provide a positive foundation in a child's life... [Sports] help with social awkwardness and give kids an opportunity to blend in their environment," she says, "Education and sports complement each other"
  2. How has life changed since you stopped playing professional basketball?

    I recently had microfracture surgery on my knee so I haven't actually been able to play in almost a year. I played professionlaly for 11 years and I am very grateful for all those years. The countries that I have played in and the people that I have met along this journey have been remarkable.
  3. What has the WNBA accomplished in the past 15 years? How did that affect where you are now?

    I think it's wonderful that young kids that are starting to play sports at such a young age now have female role models to look up too within the sport of women's basketball. Now young girls can dream what was unheard of when I was a child growing up. People are amazed at my professional playing experience and appreciate any basketball knowledge nuggets I can share.
  4. Do you have any regrets since you've stopped playing professional basketball?

    I have no regrets. I enjoyed every moment of my playing career. Even the months that were spent in countries where I spoke little to none of the language or had only CNN to watch on the television. I have traveled all over the world playing a sport that I love and all the while I was being paid to do it. If that isn't favor I don't know what it is!!
  5. What do you miss about the Liberty?

    I miss practicing, working out, and living in White Plains. I also miss exploring New York City. I loved how everyday was a new adventure. There are countless restaurants, boutiques and museums just waiting for you to fall in love with them.
  6. Do you have anything to say to the current Liberty players?

    Enjoy every moment you are able to call yourself a professional athlete. Work hard and you will have no regrets.