You Ask, She Answers: Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jackson, currently enjoying a thrilling season overseas in Israel, took to Liberty Hoopla to answer some fan submitted questions. The following are her†responses from the session.

Hannah L.: Do you wear the pink bracelet in honor of someone close to you? Do you wear it in every game and practice? Do you wear anything else all the time?
I do wear the bracelet every game.† I am a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness.† With me being a woman and the fact that it affects 1 in every 8 women is huge and I feel people should be aware and educated.

Chuck: I would like to know if you or any of the other Liberty players seek advice from the former players such as Kym Hampton, Rebecca Lobo, Teresa Weatherspoon, etc.?
I always talk to Weatherspoon and Kym. Itís often that you can see me looking at Kym during the game for words of wisdom.† I mean who better to ask for advice than two of the best that ever did it?

Kosi3: What would you do for the club for 2010?
I think I can help the club a lot this coming season.† Iím working really hard this offseason to improve my game and get better, and hopefully it makes the team better.

J. Ortiz: If you could play any other sport professionally, what would you pick?
Football!! Itís my fave sport. Being a Texas girl from Dallas, home of the Cowboys (I know, I know), you have no choice but to love football at an early age.

Steve Reader: I have moved from Duncanville to Amarillo. Have you moved to New York and do you visit Duncanville very often. Best of luck with the Liberty.
My parents still lives in Duncanville actually. So I am there often.

Lydia: What's your fave WNBA city (outside of the state of Texas) to visit and why? Do you have a favorite arena (outside of MSG) to play in?
Chicago is my favorite WNBA city. I have a lot of friends there that I get to catch up with. Also, they have GREAT shopping (go figure) and food.

libertycrazy97: Hey Tiff you are killing it overseas. what part of your game have you been working on this off season to improve for wnba season?
Thanks!! I have been working hard to improve my game.† I definitely worked on my jump shot.† I basically have been trying to get my timing back from being hurt.††

Chip: Love to see you do more modeling.
Thanks a ton!! I definitely will do some this summer.

Frances: I love you Tiffany. I know this year is your year. How did you spend your New Yearís Eve? I love the way you play. Keep it up girl. They better start you this season.
Love you, too.† I was in Israel for New Yearís, but I had a blast with the other Americans here. We met up and hung out a little bit.

Green Eyes: You seem to be tearing it up overseas this year. Any new changes in your workout/training routine?
Thanks for keeping up with me this off-season.† I really havenít changed my routine.† I am just working hard trying to get my timing and confidence back.

Sega23: So Tiff what's your prediction for 2010 and can we see the Tiff Jackson of 2007 and 2008?
My teammates and I were very disappointed in our season last year.† We are all working hard this offseason to improve and get better.† Next season you can expect big things.†

Bella: What is your order at Chipotle?
Iím veggie (vegetarian) so I get a veggie bowl with rice black beans, veggies, corn, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and cheese.† I also get chips and guacamole, a water and juice.

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