All-Time Liberty Draft Picks

Even though we’re in the midst of the off-season, the women’s basketball world has been a buzz lately – the success of the USA Basketball squad, a brand new franchise for the WNBA and the anticipated start of the college hoops season. The buzz will continue to mount as the WNBA’s Draft Lottery will be taking place in New York City this week.

The Liberty’s picks for the 2008 Draft are securely in place, so is taking a look at the franchise’s Draft history.

1997Sue WicksFirst, 6th
1997Sophia WitherspoonSecond, 11th
1997Trena TriceThird, 22nd
1997Kisha FordFourth, 27th
1997*Kym HamptonFirst, 4th
1997*Vickie JohnsonSecond, 12th
1998Alicia ThompsonFirst, 9th
1998Nadine DomondSecond, 19th
1998Albena BranzovaThird, 29th
1998Vanessa NygaardFourth, 39th
1999Crystal RobinsonFirst, 6th
1999Michele Van GorpSecond, 18th
1999Tamika WhitmoreThird, 30th
1999Carolyn Jones-YoungFourth, 42nd
2000Olga FirsovaFirst, 13th
2000Desiree FrancissSecond, 29th
2000Jessica BibbyThird, 45th
2000Natalie PorterFourth, 61st
2001Taru TuukkanenFourth, 57th
2001Tara MitchemFourth, 60th
2002Linda FrohlichSecond, 26th
2002Tracy GahanThird, 46th
2002Dee Dee WarleyFourth, 62nd
2003Molly CreamerFirst, 10th
2003Erin ThornSecond, 17th
2003Sonja MallorySecond, 24th
2003Kristen Brooke SharpSecond, 26th
2003Nicole KaczmarskiThird, 39th
2003Elena BaranovaDispersal, 11th
2004Shameka ChristonFirst, 5th
2004Amisha CarterSecond, 17th
2004Cathy JoensThird, 30th
2004Ann WautersDispersal, 4th
2005Loree MooreFirst, 10th
2005Tabitha PoolSecond, 23rd
2005Rebecca RichmanThird, 36th
2006Sherill BakerFirst, 12th
2006Brooke QueenanSecond, 23rd
2006Christelle N'GarsanetThird, 37th
2007Jessica DavenportFirst, 2nd
2007Tiffany JacksonFirst, 5th
2007Shay DoronSecond, 16th
2007Martina WeberThird, 29th
2007Janel McCarvilleDispersal, 3rd

*: Elite Draft