Alexís Road Trip Ins & Outs

Ros Gold-Onwude

The Liberty are on a ten-day road trip. How did you prepare and pack? Did you start days before or last second?

(Laughs) I packed the night before the trip.

What must be in your travel bag?

My toiletry bag is a must. My headphones. AndÖ I guess clothes. Probably need clothes.

What do you do besides basketball when the team is on the road?

It really depends on when the game is. If itís a quick trip Iíll just order some room service. If we are in a city for two or three nights maybe weíll go out to a restaurant or chill as a team.

Who is your favorite teammate to have as a roommate?

It used to be Essence and then they switched us because sheís a veteran now. Veterans get their own room after theyíve been in the league for five seasons. This season Iíve had Kamiko. I like her; weíre both laid back and like to watch cartoons together. Now I have Toni- sheís quiet and laughs a lot.

What makes a good road trip roomie?

Someone thatís just chill, laid back and not always doing stuff. I donít like a loud roommate. I definitely donít like a messy roommate- I donít want to see your hair on the floor or toothpaste in the sink. Gotta be clean!

You mentioned your headphones as a ďmust-pack-itemĒ. What kind of music are you listening to on the road?

I switch it up. I let it shuffle on the plane. When itís game time I listen to more rap. When Iím chillin Iíll slow it down with some R&B. I love Miguel. I also like J. Cole, Rick Ross and Future.

Who can be found on your cell phone call log during a road trip? My mom and Iman Shumpert. My mom doesnít really understand basketball but she sure thinks she does! Sheís always there to just talk. And I talk more heavily about ball with Iman. He tells me to be a factor! Score more and dominate.

During this road trip, what is your goal?

To be a factor. Make Bill have to play me. I need to be a good defender and limit my turnovers. My turnovers are a part of why I havenít played as much. Iím focusing on cutting those down.