A Dose Of Energy From Lacy

Natasha Lacy describes herself as an energy player that both the team and fans can love.

First thing, no one calls me Natasha, everyone calls me Lacy. It's just easier and it sticks.

Got it. Ok, Lacy, tell us more about yourself!
I have too much energy. I'm a ball of energy. I'm happy-go-lucky and nothing bothers me. I'm a people person, bubbly and fun. The fans are going to love me and I'm going to love them!

Bill Laimbeer drafted you to Detroit in your rookie season in the WNBA. He mentioned that you have grown up a lot; in what ways did you mature?
First I had to calm down. Having so much energy can be a gift and a curse. I typically had one speed on the court, but everyone is fast on the pro level! I had to be more deceptive, I needed to change speeds, control the tempo and make good decisions. I had to stop turning the ball over and slow down. I had to grow up. To be honest, I was immature and a knucklehead at times. Talent carried me until that point, but you have to behave differently in the league because everyone is talented.

What is your style of leadership at the point guard position?
Lead by example. I go hard no matter what. There are a lot of veterans on this team. I have a good work ethic; youíll see me going hard even at shoot around. Iíve been in the league four years, but I tend to get more respect overseas; Iím more proven there. Iíve played against or with Cappie, Anna, Plenette and Tina. They know what Iím capable of, this is nothing new, but it starts with work ethic.

What are your strengths on the court?
Iím an energy player; my teammates and the fans can feed off of me. Iím a good passer and can see the floor well. I try to put the team in a good position. I will do whatever it takes: take a charge, rebound, whatever. I donít mind getting my hands dirty. I bring toughness.

What is it like to play for Bill Laimbeer?
First thing is you canít be a dummy when you play for Bill. Bill brings basketball IQ, knowledge and an old-school presence. You have to be smart and go hard all of the time. His coaching style is like how he played. He was smart, got under peopleís skin and went hard, no matter what.

Why is playing at Madison Square Garden exciting to you?
I can cross that off of my bucket list. I never played in The Garden before now. In the past I played at the Prudential Center in New Jersey when playing the Liberty. When the lights come on Iím excited because Iím playing at the Mecca. I always wanted to play at Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center. Iíve been blessed to play at both because I played for the Los Angeles Sparks in the past. Iím blessed.

Which Liberty player were you looking forward to playing with the most?
Cappie Pondexter. Every year in Turkey I used to play against her. Cappie is so dynamic. People ask me who is the hardest person to guard and I say Cappie. She is so fast, so tough, and so good at elevating for that jump shot. Cappieís game is too raw!

Which professional players do you model your game after?
I like Jason Kidd from the New Jersey Nets days. He could rebound, pass and do it all as a point guard. I almost went to the University of California because of Jason Kidd! Back in the 80ís I would say Magic Johnson. I like all of his flashy no-look passes. Iím very flashy myself. Iím not going to be as flashy right now because Bill Laimbeerís not ready for that yet (laughs).