My How Things Have Changed

New York, NY - May 10, 2005 - The Liberty Class of 2005 - Loree Moore, Tabitha Pool and Rebecca Richman - are just beginning their professional basketball journey. The other members of the team remember what it was like to be just starting out. For some, those days are more recent than for others. However long ago their rookie season was, the women can all recall the ups and downs of being a first-year player in the WNBA.

The ups: What is your fondest memory of your rookie season?

Monique Coker: "Hitting a three-pointer, the only shot I took."

La'Keshia Frett: "Making great friends."

Becky Hammon: "Teresa Weatherspoon hitting the half-court shot in the WNBA Finals."

Vickie Johnson: "Playing with the veterans and learning new things. The practices were great."

Erin Thorn: "Just making the team was big for me."

DeTrina White: "My fondest memory was coming in and being able to contribute as a rookie."

The downs: What is your worst memory of your rookie season?

Erin Thorn: "Losing that last game to eliminate us from the playoffs."

Vickie Johnson: "We did not win the Championship."

Becky Hammon: "Losing in the WNBA Finals."

Monique Coker: "Not getting enough playing time."

K.B. Sharp: "Not making the playoffs."

DeTrina White: "Having to sit out a game with a broken left pinky."

The women can agree that they themselves, the league, the team and the rest of the players have all changed from their first year to this season.

Amisha Carter: "I came in with a different attitude: to play as hard as I can."

Monique Coker: "I'm more confident."

DeTrina White: "Things are more upbeat and I think players have come in with the attitude of getting ready to improve as a team."

Becky Hammon: "The league talent has gotten stronger, faster, taller and more skilled."

K.B. Sharp: "The competition is getting a lot better and I'm getting older."

Vickie Johnson: "There are more young players and less veterans, which is good and bad."

Erin Thorn: "More experience means more expectations. I feel like I have improved in all aspects of my game."

With age comes wisdom, and the veterans can share their experiences with the newcomers. Check back to later in the week to see what kind of advice the vets dish out to the rookies.