Advice From The Wise

New York, NY - May 13, 2005 - It is said that with age comes wisdom. WNBA rookies such as Loree Moore would be smart to heed the advice the older players around them have to offer. Take the word of women who have been there, done that. Whether just a few years under their belt, like Erin Thorn, or a seasoned vet, like Vickie Johnson, the experienced Liberty players have many pearls of wisdom to share with the newcomers.

Amisha Carter: "Give it your all because your season can be over before you know it."

Vickie Johnson: "Stay focused and work hard."

DeTrina White: "Play hard and give 110% every time you are on the floor, whether that be at practice or in a game."

La'Keshia Frett: "Always keep your confidence."

Erin Thorn: "Work hard and don't try to be something you are not. Relax and have fun! Enjoy the experience."

Becky Hammon: "Do whatever it is you do - play your game. Play hard and smart."

Monique Coker: "Listen and be confident."

K.B. Sharp: "Have fun and be yourself, play to your abilities."

Certainly all words to live by, both on the court and in life.