Valentineís Day with the Liberty

February 13, 2007 - New York, NY - The day surrounded by red and white, hearts, chocolates and roses is upon us. Some people love Valentine's Day, others hate it, and some just don't care one way or the other. This is how some of your favorite Liberty players spend February 14Ö

Do you usually celebrate Valentineís Day?

Cathrine Kraayeveld: As of right now I donít celebrate Valentine's. I donít really have anyone to celebrate with, which is fine. But I think even if I did, I still wouldnít really celebrate because I donít really find it a big deal, honestly.
Erin Thorn: I only celebrate Valentineís when I have someone to share it with, and after getting engaged, from now on yes I will.
Shameka Christon: Yes! I do enjoy Valentineís Day.
Barb Farris: My boyfriend and I celebrate every day like it's Valentine's Day. I know, it's corny!
Ashley Battle: I would celebrate Valentineís Day, but I never have a valentine accept for my aunt. She always sends me chocolates. But I also do not think there should be just one designated day to show someone that you love them.

What would be your ideal gift(s) to receive for Valentineís Day, no matter who itís from?

CK: My ideal gift for Valentineís Day would just be some chocolate. I love chocolate so anything chocolate would be awesome. I have to admit that being in Belgium, I have has some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted.
ET: My ideal gift would just be a relaxing night, dinner and a movie.
SC: My ideal gift would be some candy, roses, and jewelry.
BF: My ideal gift would be me arriving at his house and he has my bags already packed and takes me to the airport to set off on a week-long trip to a warm island.
AB: My ideal Valentineís gift would be a surprise romantic getaway weekend.

If you could have Cupid set you up with one famous person, who would it be?

ET: Paul Walker or Channing Tatum, I canít decide between the two.
SC: I will have to say Tyrese. He is handsome and successful.
BF: I would love to meet Prince. He is an amazing performer who I have loved all my life.
AB: If Cupid could set me up with a famous person I would want Jake Gyllenhaal.

Besides chocolate and flowers, do you know another great idea for a Valentine's Day gift? Liberty tickets! A three or six game plan is a perfect way to say I Love You to your signifcant other, family and friends. Click here to find out how to get yours before the big day.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Liberty!