Phoenix Homecoming: Nicole Powell

The Liberty head to Arizona to take on the Phoenix Mercury this Thursday at 10:00 pm EST. Thinking about joining them and want to know more about the city? held a quick Q+A session with a Phoenix native, our very own, Nicole Powell.

Whatís your favorite place to eat in Phoenix?

When I was in high school I always stopped by Nellos in Ahwatukee- itís a good spot for pizza.

Who can you expect to come see you play on Thursday?

My mom, dad, uncle and maybe some other family friends. Iíll probably hang out with them after the game too, if thereís time.

Which of your parents do you look like?

I guess you could say my dad.

Who introduced you to basketball?

Both my parents helped to get me started. Going to the park was considered a fun day out with the family. I played all sports, tennis, basketball, soccer, and track and field. I loved tennis and basketball most.

What are your top ďNicole endorsedĒ attractions to check out in Phoenix?

Perhaps you can take a road trip to Tahoe with family or friends. Or hang out in Scottsdale because there are good restaurants and thereís a nightlife scene. And definitely go see an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game, in addition to our game, of course!

What are you packing on this trip?

I am packing a WHOLE LOT of stuff. Iím dropping off at least one big bag in Phoenix. But usually, I pack as little as possible.

Is there any one thing that you MUST have on a road trip?

Books. I like to read while traveling. And I like the ďreal versionĒ, not the electronic kind. I like to feel the book in my hands.

What are you reading now?

ďInside The KingdomĒ. Itís intriguing.

Do you have any pregame rituals?

Not really, I donít really do anything consistently. Actually, I always pump up my NormaTee booties for 20 minutes before the game. It gets the blood flowing and pumps all the junk out.

Whatís your favorite road trip city to visit?

After Phoenix, Iíd have to say Los Angeles- I have a college roommate who lives there. Iím looking forward to that trip too!

Whatís one thing thatís better in Phoenix than New York City?

NO HUMIDITY! Itís a hair killer!

Whatís one thing thatís better in New York City than Phoenix?

I love the arts. New York has better shows. It also has better restaurant diversity. Thatís two. Sorry.

Back to hair- you have a full head of hair and itís curly! How do you manage it?

I use keratin treatments. Itís the answer for instant non-frizz. The keratin keeps your hair healthy. I like Moroccan Oil.

What/who inspires you?

The kids we get to work with for the Garden of Dreams Foundation, womenís rights, Hilary Clinton, and every day people who make a difference- like a principal.