On The Road Again

New York, NY - July 21, 2005 - Playing on the road is tough. Playing on the road for a four game stint in only six days is even tougher. In addition to the obvious opponents - the opposing teams - the Liberty has some other not-so-obvious opponents: the planes, the buses and the hotels, just to name a few.

DeTrina White and Erin Thorn both agree that the mere transportation from one city to another is the worst part of road trips. La’Keshia Frett, on the other hand, is not shy to admit that "sleeping in different beds" each night would rank as her least favorite aspect of being on the road.

Having battled the white-knuckle flying, the bumpy bus rides and the restless nights of sleep, come game day the Liberty are faced with the daunting task of entering another team’s arena. The visiting team is often the underdog, so according to Shameka Christon, "for the most part we have to motivate ourselves since our own fans are not there with us."

White couldn’t agree more: "The team plays together even more on the road because we don't have all the extra support from the fans as we do at The Garden." When the Liberty does this well and things mesh on another team’s home court, Thorn admits “there is nothing like quieting a crowd on the road.”

While playing on the road has its evident downsides, the players admit to a fair share of perks that come along with traveling. Frett and Thorn both agree getting to see different arenas in many cities is an upside to the traveling. And the biggest perk of life on the road? Rookie Loree Moore has quickly discoverd the best part of every road trip is "hanging out and bonding with your teammates."

The Liberty returns home to The Garden next Wednesday. Come out to the game to welcome the team back to the Big Apple and show the Liberty the comforts of home!

In the meanwhile, click HERE to check out scenes from the road. Panasonic traveled with the Liberty to make you a part of life on the road through Panasonic Road Trip.