Letters From Loree

Liberty first round draft pick Loree Moore is new to professional basketball. As a rookie, there is a lot to learn, a lot to experience and a lot of firsts. Loree will take nyliberty.com along with her for all of those. Twice a month she will share with fans her personal journey during her first WNBA campaign in 'Letters From Loree.'

July 11, 2005

Hello Liberty Fans,

Well, it has been an awesome feeling being able to now OFFICIALLY be a part of the team again, now that I am actually playing! I am learning so much now about playing in the league. It's tough, especially being a point guard. You need to know a lot about what the coach expects as far as how she wants the team to be run. For me the most important thing is just being vocal. In other words, being able to get everyone in their spots and so forth when we are on the court and running our offense. But I am a rookie - plenty of games to learn something new and grow from my mistakes. So, I will continue to work hard and keep it moving. I am very excited about my future to come.

I got the chance to go back to my home state of California when we played in LA last week. I had a blast being back home and getting a chance to see a lot of my closest friends that I haven't seen in a very long time, plus my mom and the rest of my family! I really had a great time at home, plus we came out with the BIG W so that was even better, wouldn't you say?

I am enjoying myself very much here in New York. It's really a great place to be - thanks for having me!

See ya'll next time. Much Love and God Bless!