Letters From Loree

Liberty first round draft pick Loree Moore is new to professional basketball. As a rookie, there is a lot to learn, a lot to experience and a lot of firsts. Loree will take nyliberty.com along with her for all of those. Twice a month she will share with fans her personal journey during her first WNBA campaign in 'Letters From Loree.'

June 7, 2005

Hey Liberty Fans,

We are into the season now, so things have really started to get going. It has been a blast so far. We are starting to really come together. I am very excited about this team. I really think there are good things ahead of us.

I am really enjoying this whole transition to the pro level. It's great! I continue to learn so much about the game and am getting the opportunity to learn under coach Patty Coyle. She is very knowledgable about the game. It's really cool because she used to be a point guard in her playing days, so I can pick up a lot of her tricks. She has been teaching me a lot and has been very helpful.

I thought I would share with you a typical day. I usually start off my mornings with devotion to get the day going right and have my time with the Lord. He comes first. Then I always get ready for practice and rehab in the morning. We go through practice and then I am usually just chilling after that. I have to watch my shows: I always watch Law and Order and NYPD Blue. They're really good shows!

Oh boy have I got a story for ya'll...It was Memorial Day weekend on Sunday May 29th and what a lovely day. We had practice and it was a good one, preparing for that week's upcoming game. After practice a few of us went to a barbeque at Sue Wicks' house . It was a lot of fun being there and getting the opportunity to meet Sue in person - she is a character and very funny, might I add. After we left Sue's house it was an adventure that will not be forgotten. C-Rob, Meek, VJ and I were riding in C-Rob's car, which is a stick-shift, on the way back home. While we were stopped in traffic VJ and I started to smell something burning and saw smoke coming from the car and was like "C-Rob I think your car is smoking." So we pulled over to the shoulder in the middle of the turnpike, just to try and figure out what the smell was and where the smoke was coming from, only to find out C-Rob's clutch went out!

There we were just sitting in the middle of the turnpike. While we were stuck there waiting on a ride from a friend, people were just looking at us crazy. As all of that was going on, all of a sudden a tow-truck showed up to see what the matter was with the car and ended up picking up the car and C-Rob with it. So then it was just down to me, VJ and Meek in the middle of traffic while cars were flying by! We had a couple of fans yell at us along with a few offers from people to get a ride. As we were waiting here comes the police flashing their lights at us with the siren wailing. They stopped to tell us that we couldn't just stand in the middle of the freeway because its dangerous. So here we go: me, VJ and Meek sitting in the back of the police car waiting for them to drop us off at the bus stop so that we could get out the middle of the freeway! We were in the back of the cop car and VJ was all nervous about the whole thing and was just trying not to be seen in the back. Finally we got to the bus stop, got picked up and made it back safely. What an ordeal!

I had a chance to spend some time with my favorite player and teammate Becky Hammon for the first time. How cool is that?! I mean it's really a blessing to first get drafted to a team I really wanted to come to and then to be able to play with my favorite WNBA player. How great is that?! I really enjoyed myself with Becky. She is a great individual and very knowledgable about the game. I think I will be able to learn a lot from her as a player and maybe I will even be able to pick up some of the moves that she creates on the court. The kind of moves and shots that you end up saying to yourself "how did she do that?" It's going to be a lot of fun getting to know her this season.

That's all for now. Keep coming to our games and cheering for the Liberty! Until next time...God Bless!