Letters From Loree

Liberty first round draft pick Loree Moore is new to professional basketball. As a rookie, there is a lot to learn, a lot to experience and a lot of firsts. Loree will take nyliberty.com along with her for all of those. Twice a month she will share with fans her personal journey during her first WNBA campaign in 'Letters From Loree.'

May 24, 2005

Hello Liberty Fans,

I just want to start off by saying Thank You so much for welcoming me into your city. It really has been a great experience thus far with the fans and just getting the opportunity to play with the Liberty.

I made it through training camp and I've learned so much about the professional level of play and that there is really no comparison to college basketball. All the players at the pro level are stronger, quicker and smarter and I've learned that you really need to learn the game mentally. I have also learned from the vets that you need to just stick to your strengths that you bring to the court because that's the reason why the team chose you. For example, my strengths are pushing tempo, getting after it defensively and driving to the basket (i.e. creating shots for myself and my teammates). So, just hearing those words from VJ, C-Rob and Becky means a lot to me as a rookie. I really want to just be a sponge here and take in as much information I can and learn from the vets in every way so that I can prepare myself down the line. But, even with all of that said you still have to put in the hard work and the passion for this game because, like the slogan says, this is our game.

I did get the opportunity to hangout with VJ and talk to her about what to expect out of training camp and what I should try and focus on during camp. What I really took from VJ was the fact that you should try to break down your game and work on something during practice. For example, on defense, work on closing out - that means being able to keep the person that you're guarding in front of you. Focus on getting better at your weakness or improving your strengths. I think after she told me that I used it everyday. VJ has really been a big help to me and really made me relax and not be so uptight about things. I really look up to her as someone to learn a lot from because of the experience that she has in this league. VJ took me to the NBA store and I really had a great time with her along with a lot of laughs and smiles the whole day. She really made me realize that you just need to relax and enjoy the moments that you do have on the court but most of all try to have FUN.

I have to say that our opening game here at The Garden was really an unbelievable experience. The energy from the fans and the support that they brought continuously to try and lift up the Liberty, was truly awesome. I've always seen how much of an impact the fans are to the Liberty on TV, it's like the fans are the sixth man at The Garden, but to be able to experience the energy in person really gave me chills. I LOVE the atmosphere here in New York. I mean what player wouldn't want to play in front of a crowd like we have at The Garden? It's really a great way to feed off the fans' energy to want to play well and put on a great performance for them on the court. I believe that you always have to please the fans that come out to support you or at least give great effort and fight for them to want to come back. But I know once I get the opportunity to step out on that court, I'm really going to make sure that I make an impact on this team.

I don't want to keep going on and on now. I will be back on here soon to let all you guys know what is going on with me through the season. But thank you for taking the time to read my diary. I really do hope that from my letters you get an opportunity to get to know me a little bit better as a person. But until next time....God Bless!