Even Moore to Come This Season

New York, NY - February 9, 2007 - What a difference a year makes. After battling injury and appearing in only 24 games and averaging 7.6 minutes in her rookie campaign in 2005, Loree Moore came back with a vengeance in 2006 and played in every game of the season, starting 29 of them. She averaged 27.9 minutes per contest, while posting 6.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1. 79 steals per game. Moore was fifth in the WNBA in steals and eighth in assists. Liberty fans watched and cheered her tremendous growth as a sophomore player, and are excited to see what comes with Moore's third season in 2007. She is currently playing in Istanbul, Turkey, preparing for the upcoming season. Nyliberty.com chatted with Moore about the difference in her first two years in the league, and what we should expect in her third.

Entering your sophomore season with the Liberty, what was one thing you wanted to change or improve upon that you did as a rookie?
I wanted to really approach the season with a lot of confidence and to really play better than I did my rookie season.

What did you do during the off-season between your first and second year to prepare?
I really just started from scratch. I went back to the basics. I was in the gym all day doing a lot of weight lifting and strength and conditioning. I also stretched and made sure I ate right.

What was one thing you learned as a rookie that helped you during your sophomore season?
I learned that the game on the pro level is mental. You have to study a lot more by watching film of your opponent. Itís about setting yourself and your team apart from others in this league.

Going into your second season with the Liberty, did you have any advice for the 2006 rookies?
My advice was to absorb all that you can. Youíll hit walls, but itís really just about staying positive mentally and not getting overwhelmed.

Your free throw percentage increased significantly compared to your rookie season. What contributed to that?
Concentration. I was more focused and comfortable when I stepped to the free throw line, knowing I was going to make the shot.

Did you feel a certain amount of pressure, stepping up as a starter in 2006?
Yes, I did feel some pressure, but I turned it around for myself and made it a challenge. Since I was starting, I knew I needed to have a totally different mindset. I knew I had to be assertive and show my teammates that I was confident. I think all of those things started to form throughout the season.

With the significant increase in minutes, were there any adjustments you had to make in order to fulfill your role?
No, not really. I just knew that with the minutes I did receive, I wanted to be productive so it was all about gaining my mental toughness and pushing myself as well as my teammates.

What difference did you notice in your comfort level on the court, from the beginning of the 2006 season to the end?
I think it was gaining all of the experience throughout the season and all of the ups and downs that our team faced. Also, when Becky was unable to play, I knew I needed to have that comfort level come right away.

What do you feel you accomplished the most during your sophomore season?
I realized that I can be a great point guard in this league.

What can we expect from you as we look forward to the 2007?
Iím working now to become better all around. You can look for me to be more aggressive on the court and a more consistent shooter. And even though we had a tough season last year, I am very excited about the upcoming season. I think we will be a different team, and very fun to watch.

Loree Moore will begin her third season on May 20, when the Liberty tips-off the 2007 season at home against Chicago. Make sure you're here to see for yourself!