From the Court to the Clipboard

This off-season, has kept you in touch with some of your favorite players. Among others, you've heard from Ashley Battle in Spain and Cathrine Kraayeveld in Belgium - next up, Erin Thorn in...Utah. While several of her Liberty teammates are playing overseas this off-season, the fourth-year guard has returned once again to her alma mater, Brigham Young University, to serve as an assistant coach for the women's basketball team. Thorn is in her third year on the Cougars sideline, and has volunteered to check in regularly with as she transitions from the court to the clipboard.

March 9, 2007 -

Hey there fans. Itís been a while since I last wrote and a lot has happened in all areas of my life. I'm still working out and trying to get myself in the best shape for the upcoming Liberty season. My trainer is killing me with all the plyometrics and running! But you gotta love it! If itís possible, I want to come into this season in better shape than I entered last season. Iím working hard to be able to help the team continue to get better!

As for the job, BYU is doing well. Weíre still in first place and getting ready for the conference tournament* in Las Vegas! I know youíre all jealous that I get to spend a week in Vegas, but believe me when I say it will be all business! I hope you are all rooting for us!

Iím busy as ever trying to do my job, plan a wedding, and still have a social life! The planning is going slowly, but weíre in no hurry. We have some time before we really need to start that grind. Iíll do most of it when this college season comes to a close and I have a month or so before I head back out to training camp in New York. Right now, we have little details figured out and thatís about it. Iím just trying to survive this stretch of the season and my life. I can only handle so much stress at one time!

I wish I couldíve taken part in the NBA All-Star weekend festivities in Vegas, but I was on the road with our team, and we won two big games. I watched as much as I could when I got home, but it sure wouldíve been great to have been able to be a part of the action! Hope you all enjoyed watching it all as much as I did.

Ok I have to head out to the gym, but Iím getting excited to start up again with the Liberty and continue where we left off last year!

Best wishes to all and weíll see you soon enough!


* BYU won it's opening game in the Moutain West Conference, defeating Air Force, 72-40.