Liberty to Pick Sixth in 2007 WNBA Draft

October 26, 2006 - New York, NY - The 2007 WNBA Draft Lottery was held today in New York City it has been determined that the Liberty will have the sixth pick in the 2007 WNBA Draft.

New York was one of six teams that did not qualify for the playoffs in 2006 and therefore was included in the Lottery, which serves to establish the order of selection for the first six picks of the Draft. The other teams included Chicago, Minnesota, Charlotte, San Antonio and Phoenix. After finishing this season with an 11-23 record, New York had a 12.8% chance of garnering the first spot in the Draft.

“Last season we placed a priority on creating a younger, more athletic team and the 2007 WNBA Draft will give us the opportunity to further that strategy,” said Liberty Senior Vice President and General Manager Carol Blazejowski. “The Liberty won seven of its last 10 games in 2006 and with our core group of players returning, we look forward to adding a talented player who will help us put a successful team on the court and work towards our goal of bringing a championship to New York.”

New York will have the fourth pick in both the second (18th overall) and third (32nd overall) rounds in the 2007 Draft, due to the team’s regular season record in 2006. The 2007 WNBA Draft pick of number six is the second highest for the franchise in its 11-year history. With the fifth pick in 2004, the Liberty selected Shameka Christon, who has since had three successful seasons with the team.

And perhaps Liberty fans will remember the players that the team selected with its other two sixth picks in its history- Sue Wicks in 1997 and Crystal Robinson in 1999. So number six has done well by the Liberty so far.

Other notable WNBA players that have been chosen with the number six pick include Betty Lennox (2000), Deanna Nolan (2001) and Candice Dupree (2006).

Below is the Liberty's overall Draft history:

Sue Wicks (6th)
Sophia Witherspoon (11th)
Trena Trice (22nd)
Kisha Ford (27th)
*Kym Hampton (4th)
*Vickie Johnson (12th)

Alicia Thompson (9th)
Nadine Domond (19th)
Albena Branzova (29th)
Vanessa Nygaard (39th)

Crystal Robinson (6th)
Michele Van Gorp (18th)
Tamika Whitmore (30th)
Carolyn Jones-Young (42nd)

Olga Firsova (13th)
Desiree Franciss (29th)
Jessica Bibby (45th)
Natalie Porter (61st)

Taru Tuukkanen (57th)
Tara Mitchem (4th rnd-60th)

Linda Frohlich (26th)
Tracy Gahan (46th)
Dee Dee Warley (62nd)

Molly Creamer (10th)
Erin Thorn (17th)
Sonja Mallory (24th)
Kristen Brooke Sharp (26th)
Nicole Kaczmarski (39th)
**Elena Baranova (11th)

Shameka Christon (5th)
Amisha Carter (17th)
Cathy Joens (30th)
**Ann Wauters (4th)

Loree Moore (10th)
Tabitha Pool (23rd)
Rebecca Richman (36th)

Sherill Baker (12th)
Brooke Queenan (23rd)
Christelle N'Garsanet (37th)

* = Elite Draft ** = Dispersal Draft